Camel Active

Lead Agency
Donkey Communication
Full Service Event

Kicking off the new year, it was time to get active – Camel Active, that is! – with a full service event, fashion show and store reveal for men’s fashion brand Camel Active, set to scale new heights with their aptly named “Himalaya” Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Picking up on this travel and mountain inspired theme – and together with lead agency and concept partner Donkey – flora&faunavisions designed three large-scale, near 360-degree pani projection environments (welcome situation, store and fashion show) plus matching complex sound production featuring a mix of Himalayan and travel-inspired sounds to set the scene for the subsequent show.

To add an extra element of surprise, our architectural approach incorporated the venue’s stairs and gallery into long-time collaborator Martin Butler’s catwalk choreography. With a total of 38 looks and 16 models, Butler’s fast-paced, energetic choreography picked up on the brand’s rugged, yet stylish theme and ensured a seamless segue from this show of future wares straight to their source: the world premiere and grand reveal of a novel Camel Active store concept, brought to life in a 100 square metre sample store erected inside the event location.

Building on the night’s theme, our team also devised a rough and ready authentic pallet seating environment as well as market stall-style food stops and bars to provide an authentic backdrop for the subsequent party and brand-related nocturnal adventures.