IROC Volkswagen World Premiere

Volkswagen AG
Lead Agency
Eventlabs GmbH
Video Design / Video Installations / Slide and Video Production / Motion Graphics / Image Trailer

On the occasion of the World Premiere of Volkswagen’s new study, IROC, a reinterpretation of the legendary VW Scirocco, flora&faunavisions created an extremely intricate visual installation for the event, which was held in Hangar 2 at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin on the 24th August 2006.

Working with a large design team in utmost secrecy for over 2 months, we created a seamless 360° soft-edge video projection that included extremely reduced graphic styles and typographic elements that featured the IROC logo. A further visual dimension was added by utilising G-LEC, a cutting edge LED system that can be programmed with a video signal.

The event design was so radical that virtually nothing from this very well known event location was visible to the guest. The evening was divided into three parts – the first part was a reception for invited members of the press and VIPs. They were treated to a product presentation that featured the IROC driving into the location and circling the audience on a runway that ran around the outer walls of the main space – inside the location!
The second part of the evening was where the other guests arrived and the press was encouraged to inspect the car at close quarters. Exquisite catering accompanied this.
The third part of the event was the entertainment segment. The lights were dimmed and all of a sudden an entire stage set was let down from the ceiling with the band Mando Diao. What followed was a full-on rock show. The evening was rounded up with DJs.


Video documentation: