Giant Laser-Projection at Boarderweek 2011

Daimler AG
Lead Agency
NEST one GmbH
Visual Concept / Video Design / Video Production

The task: Cast a spotlight on the agile dynamics of the brand’s new A-Class to capture the eyes, ears and hearts of übercool urban adventurers looking for a modern and high-end vehicle to take them to their next activity.

The concept: Stage the compact new model in its natural surroundings, i. e. 4-5 edgy environments with a different focus and overall theme.

The location: Together with lead agency NestOne, we decided to throw our design savvy and weight behind one particular sports-related event, Boarderweek 2011, with a challenging projection above Place de Caron in the Val Thorens valley. Treating the snowy slope as our canvas – and an exploratory playground for the new model – we refined our one-of-a-kind ski slope projection technique (see Ski World Championship Opening Gala, 2011) with a high-end RGB Laser projection, projecting from distances as far as 5km at different positions around the Val Thorens mountains.

The style: A dedicated, minimalist visual language conveys the overall theme “Ballet of Lines” by retracing the vehicle’s dynamic design and highlighting its aerodynamic shape in a blue-to-violet colour spectrum.

The idea: Minimal lines for maximum impact on the slope and a slightly more refined version for a square-based LED screen.

The result: Pared down to the ultimate design DNA, these stark images left an immediate, yet lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to catch them!


Photos by Daniel Brune (Laserfabrik) and NestOne