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2 days ago
Deutscher Filmpreis – German Film Award 2021

flora&faunavisions is responsible for the Stage & Motion Design of the German Film Award 2021.
This year, the four themes of Solidarity, Legacy, Diversity and Pride were the main topics of the show.

Client: Deutsche Filmakademie Produktion GmbH
Image Copyright: Thoams Ebert

2 days ago
Equal eSports Festival

We are delighted to be the spatial designers of the great benchmark kick-off event Equal eSports Festival which supports women, diversity and mindfulness in eSports. The festival took place from the 29th to 31st of October and featured show matches, workshops, games, coachings, music and much, much more.⁠

Our main concept was to work with the symbol of the house and we created a new home for the community and designing a new space where everyone feels safe and ready to perform.⁠

Follow the link: https://www.equal-esports.com/events/festival and check out the highlights of the festival!⁠

Client: Deutsche Telekom AG⁠

6 days ago
German Design Award – Magenta Moon Campus

Magenta Moon Campus wins the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Communications - Design - Interactive User Experience" and receives a Special Mention in the category "Innovative Architecture - Fair and Exhibition"!⁠⁠⁠

In April 2020 Deutsche Telekom embarked on a collaborative mission to set an example for optimism, solidarity and shared hybrid experiences in these challenging times. The result of this thrilling journey together with Deutsche Telekom and Meiré und Meiré is the Magenta Moon Campus.⁠⁠⁠
Of course our biggest thank you goes to the client Deutsche Telekom for their ongoing visionary optimism, trust and bravery in inviting guests to this LIVE hybrid event in October 2020 (and online) which promotes digital education in a huge variety of ways, especially during the pandemic and beyond. ⁠⁠⁠
Photos by Ken Schluchtmann / diephotodesigner⁠⁠⁠

64 days ago
Sneak Peek from new Magenta Moon Experience at Deutsche Telekom’s headquarters in Bonn

Our journey continues with Deutsche Telekom, and we are enormously grateful for this cooperation.⁠
We have been busy the past few days implementing our newest project in Bonn and are happy to share a sneak peek from the location.⁠

Image credit: flora&faunavisions

79 days ago
Hyundai Stand at IAA Mobility has opened

IAA Mobility has opened today! We had the pleasure of working with Hyundai to create the immersive digital artwork at their stand and can’t wait to share more details with you. Will you be there to see it too?⁠⁠

93 days ago
Magenta Moon Campus wins the ICONIC Award

Magenta Moon Campus wins the ICONIC Award in the category Innovative Architecture!⁠

94 days ago
Magenta Moon Campus wins the Red Dot Award twice

Magenta Moon Campus wins the Red Dot Award twice for Brands & Communication Design in the categories “Spatial Communication” and „Fair Stands”!⁠

120 days ago
Mountain Seaing – Reopening for 3 months!

We are happy to announce that the beloved, recently premiered show ‚Mountain Seaing‘ was highly successful and will reopen end of July for an additional 3 months! ⁠

The “Classic of Mountains and Seas” is a Chinese classic text and compilation of mythic geography and beasts, brought to life in this contemporary reinterpretation⁠ by combining poetic storytelling and interactive notch technology. The complex choreographed 360° show is a mix of projections, interactive content, light, dance and music performance creating a truly immersive experience!⁠

125 days ago
World premiere of the broadway musical Sound of the Silk Road

The world premiere of the broadway musical Sound of the Silk Road hits the stage today in Shaanxi Gran Theatre in Xi’an, China!⁠⁠
We have worked for over a year on this production and we are enormously proud to see our projections and holograms on stage!⁠⁠

140 days ago
First invited audience at Sound of the Silk Road

The first invited audience came today to see the new immersive broadway musical Sound of the Silk Road in China! We are excited to share this international broadway stage production with first visitors.⁠⁠

141 days ago
Hiring – Front Desk Manager

We are looking for a full-time (40 hours per week) Front Desk Manager with immediate effect. We are looking for a talented and inspiring team player who is willing to join our team immediately for an extended period of time.

Please check https://www.florafaunavisions.de/jobs for details!

154 days ago
German Brand Award “Winner” for Magenta Moon Campus

Magenta Moon Campus wins the German Brand Award in two categories.⁠⁠
Next to the prize "Best of Best for Brand Experience of the Year“, ⁠Magenta Moon Campus wins the prize „Winner for - Brand Communication - Brand Events, Fairs & Exhibitions".⁠⁠

Image: German Brand Award

154 days ago
German Brand Award “Best of Best” for Magenta Moon Campus

Magenta Moon Campus wins the German Brand Award in two categories.⁠⁠
Even higher ranked than the gold, one of the prizes is the „Best of Best" - Magenta Moon Campus wins Best of Best for "Brand Experience of the Year“⁠⁠

Image: German Brand Award

168 days ago
Magenta Moon Campus wins the German Brand Award in two categories

Magenta Moon Campus has added few more prizes to its collection winning in two categories: Even higher ranked than the gold is the „Best of Best - Magenta Moon Campus wins Best of Best for "Brand Experience of the Year“ and „Winner for - Brand Communication - Brand Events, Fairs & Exhibitions".⁠

Of course our biggest thank you goes to the client Deutsche Telekom for their ongoing visionary optimism, trust and bravery in inviting guests to this LIVE hybrid event in October 2020 (and online) which promotes digital education in a huge variety of ways, especially during the pandemic and beyond. ⁠

181 days ago
Pure&Crafted Festival is back

With big steps we are approaching summer and with the warm weather comes some really good news: The Pure&Crafted Festival is back in Berlin and will happen on September 17 and 18, 2021 in the Summer Garden of Messe Berlin. ⁠⁠
We at flora&faunavisions are proud and excited to be the designers and organizers of the Pure&Crafted Festival, responsible for the overall festival production, design, visual identity and implementation of the whole project! ⁠⁠

Image credits: pureandcrafted ⁠⁠

185 days ago
Classics of Mountains and Seas Premiere

We are delighted to share some insights from our newest immersive, interactive show „Classics of Mountains and Seas“ which premiered in China on the 16th of May!

The complex choreographed 360° show is a mix of projections, interactive content, light, dance and music performance creating a truly immersive experience!

We created emotional and interactive content using Notch technology, which allows the visitors and dancers to interact with the projection surface creating spectacular patterns on the walls!

The “Classic of Mountains and Seas”, is a Chinese classic text and compilation of mythic geography and beasts. Everyone in China knows this very famous book, so picturing large-scale video worlds fully interacting with the dancers recreating a totally immersive, modern interpretation⁠ of the famous book Classic of Mountains and Seas, it’s no surprise that the show is already fully booked!

Image Credits: Joywayholding Culture and Media⁠

195 days ago
Classic of Mountains and Seas opens new David Chipperfield building

FFV is delighted to announce a new piece of work “Classic of Mountains and Seas”, a new immersive, interactive theatre project which will premiere on Sunday, marking the opening of a new building by David Chipperfield in Jingdezhen China. The show has been created with the great director and our dear friend Chen Shi-Zheng!⁠ ⁠ We can’t wait to see the premiere on Sunday presenting our final media scenography of the full masterpiece!

Image Credits: Joywayholding Culture and Media⁠

198 days ago
ADC Awards for Magenta Moon Campus

Magenta Moon Campus has added a few more prizes to its collection with its immersive, interactive space Magenta Moon Garden being shortlisted in two categories. Thanks especially to the client Deutsche Telecom for their trust and bravery in inviting guests to this LIVE (and online) hybrid event which promotes digital education in a huge variety of ways, especially during the pandemic and beyond. ⁠

Thanks to our partners Meiré und Meiré, wirmachenbunt, Klangerfinder,Yadastar, Schröder+Schömbs, AMBION, Maedebach, Mindshare, emetriq, and Floressenz.⁠..

Photo by Ken Schluchtmann / diephotodesigner

261 days ago
20 Minuten gern’ auch länger – NEST ONES’s Podcast with Leigh Sachwitz

Our CEO and founder Leigh Sachwitz was invited to tshare her thoughts as part of the NEST ONES's podcast series "20 Minuten gern' auch länger".⁠
20 questions to 20 guests for their 20th birthday - NEST ONE initiated this podcast series to share insights about how we, actors from business, marketing, lifestyle, and entertainment, meet and collaborate, creating memorable, exciting experiences for a broad public.⁠
The episode with Leigh Sachwitz reveals insights into our long-year friendship with NEST ONE and our collaboration on award-winning projects for brands such as VW, Hyundai and many more.⁠

Available on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Soundcloud & Amazon and www.nest-one.com/podcast⁠

281 days ago
Deutsche Telekom’s new liquid branding in Bonn

Deutsche Telekom has modernized its well-known trademark on the roof of its headquarters in Bonn. With new LED technology, the five-meter-high, 1.5-ton T can now show animations in full colour.⁠

flora&faunavisions are happy to continue their trusted cooperation with Deutsche Telekom and be the first to experiment with custom 3D animations and stylized motion graphics for this highly challenging media screen.⁠ The new media content will feature new liquid branding contents as well as visualize socially relevant and seasonally appropriate topics: Just in time for Valentine's Day, the logo was fully covered by beautiful blossoms, followed by confetti and streamers for Carnival Monday. ⁠

Together with the new T-Logo, the pedestrian crossing over Bonn’s Friedrich-Ebert-Allee⁠ next to the Deutsche Telekom headquarter received a media content update for its 2x 65m LED strips. ⁠

We hope it won't be long until our colourful designs will again greet tens of thousands of commuters⁠ on their daily way into the city and back home.⁠

Photos: Deutsche Telekom AG⁠

302 days ago
Exhibition “Tiefschwarz” at StadtPalais – Museum of Stuttgart

The exhibition "Tiefschwarz" dedicated to the electronic duo Tiefschwarz is open, since Friday at StadtPalais Stuttgart. ⁠

Our interactive, generative visuals for their album tour CHOCOLATE are part of the exhibition. ⁠

For 25 years, Alexander "Ali" and Sebastian "Basti" Schwarz as Tiefschwarz have been shaping the electronic music scene, starting in Stuttgart in the 1990s. ⁠

With the exhibition "Tiefschwarz", the StadtPalais - Museum of Stuttgart takes the brothers back to their original place of work. The artist Tobias Rehberger is responsible for the exhibition concept and architecture. Based on Ali's and Basti's biography, the exhibition conveys the feeling of the 1990s. It shows how electronic music shaped Stuttgart's nightlife during the exciting pioneering phase of Tiefschwarz and their two clubs On-U and Red Dog. Tiefschwarz paved the way for a diverse electronic music scene and made house and techno "socially acceptable." ⁠

Follow the StadtPalais webpage for more information and a digital tour through the exhibition from Friday's opening: http://bit.ly/Tiefschwarz_ffv⁠

Photo: flora&faunavisions⁠

308 days ago
TIEFSCHWARZ – Exhibition Opening at StadtPalais Stuttgart

Tune in to the live opening of the exhibition Tiefschwarz / DANCE TILI YOU POPO at StadtPalais Stuttgart Tomorrow at 7 pm German time on the Facebook pages of StadtPalais Stuttgart, Tiefschwarz & Stuttgart Tourismus! ⁠

We are proud to be invited to show the visual work that we have designed for Tiefschwartz for their live tour CHOCOLATE as part of this exhibition!⁠

More information about the live stream and the exhibition on the website of StadtPalais Stuttgart: http://bit.ly/StadtPalais_live ⁠

And for those who can't wait, tomorrow, from 6 pm Berlin, there's an exclusive preview of the exhibition on the StadtPalais Insta-Channel @stadtpalaisstuttgart! ⁠

310 days ago
invidisXworld Youtube-Show

Our founder and CEO Leigh Sachwitz have been invited to participate in the latest invidisXworld Youtube-Show hosted by indivis - the leading platform for digital marketing and new retail trends in Germany.⁠

For over 10 years, invidis.de has reported the latest developments in digital trends and drivers in retail, architecture, digital out of home and public spaces. With more than 12,000 articles invidis has grown to become the leading B2B platform.⁠ invidisXworld will premiere in January 2021 with insights, interviews and site inspections of digital signage, DooH and smart city from Berlin. ⁠
The first edition is dedicated to new retail experiences, and we at flora&faunavisions are honoured to be part of this new digital format.⁠

The first part of the edition will go live at 3:00 pm Berlin time on Youtube.⁠ Follow the webpage to tune in: http://bit.ly/invidisXworld ⁠

The second part featuring flora&faunavisions is scheduled to go online on February 3rd. ⁠

Keep your eyes open and get insights from Leigh Sachwitz about the experiences we created for Mercedez Benz, Deutsche Telekom and Hyundai.⁠

Image by flora&faunavisions
Project: Multimedia Opening Ceremony of the Mercedes Platz⁠

359 days ago
FFV is hiring: Senior Creative Producer*in | Creative Production/ Project Management (m/f/d)

Love to work in an internationally renowned design studio?
We are looking for a Senior Creative Producer to join our Team.
Check our Job Page for more details.

380 days ago
Online tour through the installation Moon Garden

Our CEO and founder Leigh Sachwitz talked about the concept and production of Magenta Moon and shared behind-the-scenes insights on Thursday 29.10 at 18.30 (CET) at magentamoon.de.
For those who didn't have the chance to tune in and visit the magical, detoxing Moon Garden in LIVE Berlin check out the recording here: https://bit.ly/RetuneLive

Photo by Ken Schluchtmann, diephotodesigner.de

400 days ago
Retune Live with flora&faunavisions in Magenta Moon

Leigh and Daniel, the two directors of flora&faunavisions gave an explusive live tour through the Magenta Moon Garden for Retune.
We thank everyone who tuned in to our livestream to enjoy our newest project!

Check the Magenta Moon experience here: https://www.magentamoon.de/
For more information about Retune go here: https://retune.de/studio-visits/

Photo by Ken Schluchtmann, diephotodesigner.de

404 days ago
Magenta Moon Garden Experience in Berlin

“Creating spaces for discovery and emotions has never been this important!” Founder and CEO Leigh Sachwitz

Berlin, 17.10.2020 — The Magenta Moon Campus Berlin by Deutsche Telekom invites visitors of all ages to discover trends and events in a playful way – and to rethink current education concepts. The immersive experience is open to the public at Berlin’s Leipziger Platz from October 17th to November 1st, 2020 and online with various interactive offers.
At the heart of it all is the event’s dazzling, immersive Magenta Moon Garden by flora&faunavisions. Designed to spark conversation around sustainability, tech and media skills in a playful and intuitive way, this interactive, walkthrough video installation comprises three distinct visual environments (Sunrise Garden, Moon Garden, Magenta Moon) enriched with intuitive, interactive real-time elements.

Check the experience and live streaming here: https://www.magentamoon.de/

Photo Credits: Ken Schluchtmann, diephotodesigner.de

524 days ago
Introducing flora&faunavisions south

We are delighted to announce that flora&faunavisions has opened our first studio outside of Berlin, with a new location in the German city of Stuttgart. With flora&faunavisions south, we are excited to bring our iconic design even closer to our partners and clients in and across Southern Germany.

Our longstanding team member Kirsten Bayer takes over the role as Managing Director of flora&faunavisions south. With a background in media management and far-reaching expertise in innovative and technologically advanced design solutions, Kirsten has been a core member of our Creative Production and Conception team for over 11 years. She has shaped many of our most iconic projects including Olympus Perspective Playground, Here Technologies Space at CES Las Vegas, Mercedes Platz Opening Ceremony in Berlin and the Miss Fortune Opera at the Bregenzer Festspiele and most recently led the studio's new immersive work for the Hyundai Motorstudio in Korea.

528 days ago
Interview for ADC Germany

In an interview with the ADC Germany, our Founder and CEO Leigh Sachwitz shares her vision on the stage design of the future, talks about her passion for spaces and explains what visual design for operas and toast with avocado have in common.
Check the full interview on the ADC Website: https://www.adc.de/2020/06/10/interview-mit-leigh-sachwitz/

541 days ago
All Good Vibes: New Podcast by Floornature

Floornature, the digital architecture platform, launched a new podcast called - ALL GOOD VIBES - connecting new architectural horizons. A format on the redefinition of sustainable architecture, projects and space according to an augmented concept of beauty.
Check out the episode with our founder Leigh Sachwitz. Thanks for the opportunity and great talk!


546 days ago
Poetic Visions on Hydrogen and Nature: Immersive & Interactive Mediatecture for Hyundai Motorstudio, Korea

Last week, the Hyundai Motorstudio Hanam reopened to the public. We are the proud designers of this new immersive experience.
Like a soothing oasis in the middle of the bustling shopping centre Starfield Hanam, our immersive media installation welcomes the visitors and invites them to embark on a poetic, emotional journey to experience the beauty of nature through the eyes of a Hydrogen molecule. Through the immersive 360° media installation and a fully revised interactive experience, visitors learn about the 4 elements that shape Hyundai’s full cell technology: Sun, Water, Energy and Clean Air, and understand the technology and the NEXO car, future sustainable lifestyle and the innovative vision of Hyundai Motor Company.
A full project documentation featuring on-site photos and video snippets as well as information about the technical complexity of the project, the use of software (Houdini, Unity etc) and some behind the scenes content will be featured on our website soon.

Client: Hyundai Motor Company
Lead Agency: Innocean Worldwide Inc
Visual & Experience Concept, Multimedia, Production, Interactive Development: flora&faunavisions

562 days ago
Jury meetings for ADC Award “The Power of No!”

The jury meetings for this year’s ADC Festival “The Power of No!” are in full swing. Our founder and CEO Leigh Sachwitz is excited to discuss, review and judge all the wonderful works in the category of Communication in Space: Event Experience (Kommunikation im Raum - Exhibition Experience markenbezogen) with some bright brains of the
industry. In a new and digital format this year’s winners will be announced on Friday 15.05.2020 live on the ADC Facebook Page.

570 days ago
The Ring Cycle 2020

If you are wondering what Leigh and flora&faunavisions are up to right now - we are focusing on this amazing Opera Australia production of The Ring Cycle which will go on stage in November 2020 in Australia! flora&faunavisions is deep in the Wagner world creating the digital kinetic stage design for the most famous of all Operas. Richard Wagner´s - The Ring Cycle directed by Chen Shi-Zheng. This epic production will take the audience on an 15-hour journey over 4 nights.

This post kicks of a series of insights into this exciting production which you can follow on our website and social media channels over the coming months! Stay tuned for interviews, tech details and first snippets!

Photo Credits: Opera Australia

582 days ago
A Retune virtual studio visit with flora&faunavisions

It was a pleasure to get virtual with so many of you! Our founder and CEO Leigh Sachwitz had a wonderful talk with Mio from Studio Waltz Binaire hosted by Julian from Retune. We thank everyone who joined our first virtual studio meeting and feel motivated by the creative spirit and inspiration in the community that was shared that night.

For anyone who missed the live talk please enjoy the recording: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/retune-studio-visit-38

590 days ago
Let’s get virtual! – retune Studio Visit

Let’s get virtual! We are excited to announce that @retuneberlin is hosting their first virtual Studio Visit, tomorrow, on April 15th! For this special event, they invited us and @waltzbinaire to present our work and give a little insight into the current situation as designers during this pandemic.

Let's gather up virtually and have a nice chat, Wednesday 15 April, 7:30PM. Sign up and additional info on our Facebook Page.

611 days ago
An update from us…

In light of the current global events, flora&faunavisions would like to wish that all our friends, partners, clients and their families remain healthy and safe over the following weeks and months. It is important that we all look out for one another during these times.

flora&faunavisions has taken shape from over 20 years of exploring ideas and creating authentic design experiences and solutions across industries. Whilst we always test the boundaries of design and technology, flora&faunavisions is also adapting to the challenges brought by COVID-19 in this new and evolving world.

As a fully digitalised design studio, we are now moving into our second week of home office. We continue to remain available to all of our partners and clients throughout the week during our normal office hours of 9:30am-6:30pm, with all of our team and communications remaining the same.

flora&fauanvisions will continue as always with the creative motivation that has defined our design work since 1999. We look forward to sharing our innovative achievements over the following weeks and months.

Yours Sincerely,

Leigh and the flora&faunavisions team.

679 days ago
Leigh Sachwitz voted in as ADC Awards Show 2020 jury member

We are delighted to announce that our founder & CEO Leigh Sachwitz has been voted in as a jury member for the ADC Awards Show 2020 in the category of Communication in Space: Event Experience (Kommunikation Im Raum – Exhibition Experience markenbezogen).

688 days ago
Solomun +1 with Maceo Plex in Tulum, Mexico

flora&faunavisions was just in Tulum for the Solomun +1 performance with Maceo Plex! We were excited to have worked on the show concept for this epic show in Mexico.

707 days ago
Baracuta Pop-Up Store Opening

To tell the story of Baracuta’s famous Harrington Jacket. flora&faunavisions collaborated with Jonathon Beck for Magnum Photos to create and produce a multimedia installation. This installation is inspired by a Magnum collection of timeless photographs and Baracuta brand assets which are shown through an elegant yet industrial-style immersive audio-visual installation.

This installation is currently exhibited in Milan at the WP Pop-up Store until 30th December 2019, before moving onto Florence. If you are in the city then why not check it out.

713 days ago
Hyundai Motorstudio Hanam

We are very excited to announce that flora&faunavisions has won the international pitch to renew the Hyundai Motorstudio Hanam in South Korea! The renewal of this exciting media architecture will focus on creating a truly immersive digital experience for visitors and will relaunch in April 2020! Stay tuned for more exciting news about this project.

723 days ago
Donation to Kinderkunst Art School

It is a privilege to have donated to the Kinderkunst Art School, a place that helps children from the ages of 3-18 discover their creative power! Be inspired by the wonderful work that helps low-income families ignite their creative talents by also helping to raise funds for future scholarships here: https://www.startnext.com/freiraum-kunst

729 days ago
Winner at the German Design Award!

AND THE AWARD GOES TO... Lead Agency/Nest One. We are incredibly proud to announce that the project ‘Style Set Free’ by Hyundai Motors at the Milan Design Week 2019, has won the German Design Award in the category ‘Fair & Exhibition’ for the temporary brand exhibition.

With thanks to the lead agencies Nest One and INNOCEAN for the opportunity to work on this award winning project.

flora&faunavisions created an immersive, interactive, multi-sensory exhibition of light, colour and sound, as well as a constantly changing 3D sculpture of a futuristic car that formed the centrepiece of the installation.

730 days ago
flora&faunavisions on the road!

Last week our flora&faunavisions team was on the road in Seoul, South Korea and in Tiflis, Georgia. Our team was working on exciting new projects that we cannot wait to share with you soon! Make sure you keep an eye on our social media channels and sign up to our newsletter to keep right up to date.

730 days ago
GQ Men of the Year Awards 2019

What an incredible night it was at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2019! flora&faunavisions is proud that for the 6th year in a row we were responsible for the overall visual design which included the key visual, print design, stage and video content.
The nights winners included a list of international stars such as Billy Porter, Sharon Stone, Lewis Hamilton, Toni Kroos, Marius Müller-Westernhagen and Hape Kerkeling!
Our design was based on the history of the Berlin Wall. The use of colour and layering represents the diversity of the nights participants, guests of the show and the importance of the Berlin Wall. These visuals therefore set the perfect background for both this occasion and the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
With thanks mach2media.

737 days ago
Rafael Joins the FFV Team

We are so pleased to welcome Rafael to our flora&faunavisions team here in Berlin. Rafael is joining our Creative Production team after spending the past 5 years working for Moment Factory, working in both creative production and business development. As a French Canadian, Rafael was born and raised in Montreal, moving to Berlin in last April after being drawn to the creativity that is so prevalent across the city. We are extremely happy to have someone with Rafael’s experience onboard, and we cannot wait to start working together on our upcoming projects.

743 days ago
Let Love Grow Campaign

flora&faunavisions is happy to be donating towards the #letlovegrow campaign with Marc O'Polo. Working with #PlantForThePlanet, for every Euro that is donated, a tree is planted for the Yucatán Reforestation project.

751 days ago
Custom Made Stage Design for Roncalli at TUI Cruises

Working with our partners TUI Cruises, and in collaboration with the internationally renowned Circus Roncalli, flora&faunavisions developed stage content for performances on board ships within the TUI Cruises Mein Schiff fleet.

The multimedia stage design took the audience on a journey that explored over 40 years of history, focusing upon the circus and its founder Bernhard Paul, providing guests with an unprecedented entertainment programme.

Credits: TUI Cruises/Roncalli.

756 days ago
Wagner’s ‘The Ring’ Berlin Workshop

This week we welcome both the visionary Chinese director Chen Shi-Zheng, and the New York designer Anita Yavich to our studio here in Berlin! Alongside Leigh and the flora&faunavisions team, we are working on our upcoming project next year in Australia, the opera production of Wagner’s The Ring Cycle.

771 days ago
s.Oliver Store Opening Stuttgart

There is a new store in town! For the opening of the new s.Oliver concept store in Stuttgart, flora&faunavisions was part of designing and producing content for the multimedia entrance installation. We created a visually eye-catching design especially for the store opening, which is based on the 50 year brand campaign of s.Oliver. Make sure you keep an eye out for further videos to follow.

772 days ago
Electronic Beats Podcast by Telekom

"Mich kickt die Kombination aus Menschen, Orten und einer Audience."

Our founder Leigh Sachwitz is featured in the latest episode of the electronic music and lifestyle podcast by Telekom, 'Electronic Beats'. In this episode, Leigh has an entertaining and educative conversation about her experience in club design and its technological development through the use of light and video. This episode is now available to listen to online or to download on selected platforms, check it out on the Electronic Beats Podcast website.

772 days ago
Solomun +1 at Pacha Season 2019 coming to an end

flora&faunavisions is proud of our long-standing collaboration with the internationally renowned electronic music artist Solomun. We are honoured to have been responsible for creating the complete Solomun +1 visual experience. This included a custom programmed 3D adaptable visual identity, synchronised with lasers and projection-mapped onto multiple surfaces and custom-designed objects during all 21 Solomun +1 performances.

This immersive, high tech digital content experience elevated the Solomun shows with his special guests throughout his 2019 residency. Thank you very much to the German and Spanish team, especially Lars Murasch, for making this an unforgettable season.

772 days ago
Wagner’s ‘The Ring Cycle’ 2020

We would like to share some incredibly exciting news about a new production that flora&faunavisions will be involved in next year. The Ring Cycle opera production will debut in 2020 in Australia. This futuristic digital kinetic stage design will take the audience on an epic 15-hour adventure over 4 nights, with performances exploring the legendary tale of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen.

After the amazing success of Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise earlier this year at The Shed in New York City, this opera will again be directed by the Chinese visionary Chen Shi-Zheng. flora&faunavisions and Leigh Sachwitz will be tasked with producing the digital kinetic stage design and video content for the four operas. Towering digital panels combined with astonishing costume design by New York designer Anita Yavich will create the ultimate immersive experience.

792 days ago
ArtTech Magazine features flora&faunavisions

“Art is meant to disturb, science reassures”. We are proud to be listed as a feature in the ArtTech Magazine, as one of 20 international artists working on innovations in science and technology to transform artistic expression. Along with Studio Drift, Reife Anadol Studio, Leviathan, XRT, Andreas Refsgaard and Ouchhh we are the only German-based company. Thank you for featuring us.

804 days ago
Solomun +1 at Pacha, Ibiza

Get into your dance mood! On Sunday, Solomun is inviting his special +1 guest Gerd Janson to his residency at Pacha, Ibiza. Check out the visual artwork and show design by flora&faunavisions.

805 days ago
Universal Inside 2019

What a brilliant show last week at Universal Music Germany! We are proud to have designed motion concept, stage design, content production and show direction for all divisions. We custom-designed individual staging ideas for 14 live performances of top international artists like Freya Ridings, Lewis Capaldi, Wanda, Donna Missal and many more.

805 days ago
Panel discussion (9/19) with Leigh Sachwitz

Check out the new exhibition “No Photos On The Dancefloor Berlin 1989-today” presented by C/O Berlin opening tonight as part of the Berlin Art Week 2019. Next Thursday (9/19), our founder Leigh Sachwitz will participate in a panel discussion about the evolution of visuals in clubs and electronic music with Christopher Bauder and Marcel Weber.

811 days ago
Solomun +1 at Pacha, Ibiza

Check out this visual for Solomuns residency at Pacha, Ibiza. Special +1 guest will be Moscoman this weekend. Visual artwork and show design by flora&faunavisions.

832 days ago
“beyond bauhaus” Exhibition Festival

It was an absolute pleasure and very exciting to be part of this jury. Congratulations to all the winners, what an inspiring journey. Looking forward to the exhibition festival, 16.8.-1.9.2019.

839 days ago
Solomun +1 residency at Pacha, Ibiza

We are halfway through the season and the party is still on with Solomun and his +1 guest Fango this weekend at Pacha, Ibiza! Visual artwork and show design by flora&faunavisions.

843 days ago
“Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise” in PAGE Magazine

Check out this 7-PAGE feature about the making of our design project for the kung-fu musical Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise at the wonderful new arts space The Shed in New York in the latest issue of Page Magazine. Thanks to PAGE!

845 days ago
UNTOLD Festival – Danny Avila, Flying Steps & FFV

What a blast! Check out our show design for the last weekend's world premier shown at Untold festival with Flying Steps and Danny Avila. Photo Credits: untold.com

850 days ago
UNTOLD Festival – Danny Avila, Flying Steps & FFV

Be prepared for the world premiere this Saturday! With our partners @flyingsteps featuring @dannyavila we will take you on a thrilling journey through 30 years of electronic music at UNTOLD festival! Expect a mind-blowing production & visuals! Light, Video and Visual Show Design by flora&faunavisions.

856 days ago
“Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise” – Behind The Scenes

Only one week left to see Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise at the SHED, NYC! Get a glimpse on what’s happening behind the scenes and get a ticket for one of the last shows on www.theshed.org !
Photo Credits: Stephanie Berger

868 days ago
Summary “Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise”

Take a look at this epic summary of “Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise” on www.theshed.org that will give you goosebumps for sure. Video design by Leigh Sachwitz / flora&faunavisions. Photo Credits: Stephanie Berger

876 days ago
Hot off the press!

Check out the new Event Design Yearbook 2019/2020 by av edition featuring four of our projects. Thanks to ABOUTKOKOMO, Wunderland and Anschutz Entertainment Group for your trust!

882 days ago
Standing ovations in New York last night!

We are over the moon about the thrilling world premiere of “Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise” at the Shed, NYC. Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise is a kung fu musical co-conceived by Chen Shi-Zheng and Kung Fu Panda’s Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, with songs by Sia and choreography by Akram Khan and Video Design by Leigh Sachwitz/flora&faunavisions. Shows running from June 22 to July 7. Check out tickets at theshed.org. Photos by Stephanie Berger.

884 days ago
Artwork for Dynoro’s new release

Dynoro just released some new tunes!
Check out Dynoro & Ilkay Sencan’s new Summer Hit “Rockstar”. flora&faunavisions was happy to develop the visual concept and all motion & graphic design for the new single.

884 days ago
360° seamless projection for Rodan & Fields Dinner Experience

flora&faunavisions just got back from Barcelona and we wanna share this successful project with you!

We designed and produced a 10k pixel, 360° seamless projection with a diameter of 12m and 7m height. It functioned as a setting for a Rodan & Fields Dinner Experience by LDJ Production, New York in cooperation with Creative Technology UK, London. Enjoy some impressions of this beautiful 3 hour show in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona.

891 days ago
Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise in NYtimes

This is a MUST-READ for you! Check out some exciting facts about the upcoming world premiere "Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise" at The Shed. We are so excited to debut this new musical we’ve been working on as the Video Designer. Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise is a kung fu musical co-conceived by Chen Shi-Zheng and Kung Fu Panda’s Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, with songs by Sia and choreography by Akram Khan.

891 days ago
Countdown to Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise

It´s getting hot in here - putting the final touches to the video design for the world premiere of Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise @theshedny and we are so excited to debut this new project we’ve been working on as the Video Designer. The show is a kung fu musical about a secret sect in Flushing, Queens that possesses the magical power to extend human life, and the twin brother and sister caught in the struggle to control it.

892 days ago
Solomun+ 1 at Pacha, Ibiza

And the party continues…Solomun meets Adriatique as his special +1 guest at Pacha tonight in Ibiza. flora&faunavisions is visually responsible for his permanent show and all the artwork around the island for his residency at Pacha, Ibiza.

893 days ago
Realtime Visual performance for Solomun in Barcelona

Last night, we kicked off the realtime visual performance for Solomun’s gig at Diynamic Outdoor in Barcelona.
Visual design produced and performed by flora&faunavisions.

895 days ago
Motion Design for Calvin Harris on YouTube

Check out www.youtube.de today! You will find our motion design for Calvin Harris, Sony Music on the landing page.

896 days ago
Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise – Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes! Leigh and the team are working around the clock preparing the finishing touches to the video design for the world premiere of Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise.

896 days ago
Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise – Trailer out now!

Check out the trailer for Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise, a kung fu musical co-conceived by Chen Shi-Zheng and Kung Fu Panda’s Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, with songs by Sia and choreography by Akram Khan. StudioLeighSachwitz and flora&faunavisions are delighted to design for this special premiere at the Shed, NYC.

913 days ago
Solomun kicked off season at Pacha, Ibiza

Greeting from Ibiza!
We’re so excited to see our creative work for Solomun +1 come to life last night at Pacha, the iconic club.
In this first event of the seasons’s 21 planned club nights, the techno bliss of Solomun and DJ Koze combined with our other-worldly motion graphics, props and costumes, will be transporting the crowds to a utopian technoid planet!

The DJ line up for this year’s Solomun +1 series at Pacha is truly incredible. Be sure to check it out!

915 days ago
ADC Nails for Miele @ Fuorisalone 2018

We nailed it, twice! This time at the Art Director’s Club..
We’re super excited to announce that we’ve won two further awards for our project for Miele, this time at the Art Director’s Club on Friday night. Along with lead agency Wunderland Schweiz, flora&faunavisions was awarded a silver nail in the category Exhibition Experience markenbezogen - Craft for the immersive spatial design completed for Miele at Fuorisalone, 2018, and a bronze nail in the category Event Experience - Craft for the same project. We are so grateful for this 3rd and 4th! award this year for our project for Miele (the others being a silver BrandEX Award and the XAVER award), and would like to extend a great thank you to Wunderland Schweiz for creating this incredible opportunity by involving us in this project.

916 days ago
XAVER-Award for Miele media installation

It’s a win! After last night’s exciting ceremony, we’re thrilled to announce that Wunderland Schweiz  (Lead Agency) and flora&faunavisions took home the XAVER-Award 2019 for our media installation for Miele at the Salone del Mobile Milan, 2018. The Swiss award for excellence in live communication was awarded for our immersive, walk-in and expansive 360° multi-media experience. A very big thanks to lead agency Wunderland for creating this fantastic opportunity!

994 days ago
Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise at the Shed, NYC

We are absolutely over the moon to announce one of our most exciting projects coming in June 2019:

As a continuation of our longterm collaboration with director, Chen Shi-Zheng, StudioLeighSachwitz is thrilled to be designing the video content for the world debut of “Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise”. The futuristic kung fu musical, co-conceived by Chen Shi-Zheng and Kung Fu Panda screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, with songs by Sia and choreography by Akram Khan, will be part of the opening line-up for the new multifunctional space „The Shed“, opening this April in New York city.

1028 days ago
Webdesign for Under My Spell

flora&faunavisions introduces the new website for Under My Spell.

We designed and creative coded a website for the Artist Consulting and Management Agency.
Check it out in the World Wide Web: undermyspell.org

1051 days ago
HERE Technologies @ Las Vegas CES 2019

Proud to present this digital architecture. Working with MESO Digital Interiors, flora&faunavisions designed & produced all the large scale seamless videos for HERE Technologies @ CES Las Vegas.
Come and visit HERE over the next few days.

1053 days ago
Solomun +1 at Zamna Tulum, Mexico

flora&faunavisions started the new year with a boom! For Solomun and his special guest Dixon, we created show concept and design at the tropical venue Zamna Tulum, Mexico.

1108 days ago
GQ Men of the Year 2018

For this year's GQ Men of the Year Award ceremony at the Komische Oper Berlin, flora&faunavisions established the new key visual which presented this year's awardees in a glamorous setting. We designed all video content for the award show, the TV package and the immense outdoor LED wall welcoming the guests.

We used the kinetic LED video walls to put stars like Orlando Bloom, Donatella Versace, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Dries van Noten in the perfect spotlight and highlight performances such as Severjia with 'Zu Asche zu Staub' or German singer Herbert Grönemeyer on stage.

1137 days ago
Solomun+1 Closing Party @ Pacha Ibiza

Closing the Season for Solomun+1 at Pacha Ibiza was a blast or is still a blast somewhere over the rainbow. Thanks to Solomun (Official) and his management, Pacha, Lars Murasch and Chris Moylan for the trustfulness.

1140 days ago
Mercedes Platz Opening Day on October 13, 2018

Come and enjoy our latest big multimedia production for the opening of the Mercedes Platz on Saturday, October 13, 7:30 pm

During the day, visitors can get a first impression of the diverse offers of Mercedes Platz, take a look behind the scenes and enjoy the entertainment offer for old and young alike.

The all-day program will be finished off with an evening highlight - an official opening ceremony with a thrilling multimedia installation by flora&faunavisions: video projection, light, sound, music and water will come together for an impressive 15min show to christen the Mercedes Platz for Berliners and visitors alike. We look forward to seeing you there! 

1143 days ago
Leigh Sachwitz elected as jury member for “Gute Gestaltung 19”

We are happy to announce that our founder Leigh Sachwitz was elected as jury member for the design competition "Gute Gestaltung 19" by Deutscher Designer Club (DDC) in the category "IDENTITY".

1252 days ago
flora&faunavisions on the Cover of Eventdesign Yearbook 2018/2019

Wow, look at that! flora&faunavisions is proud to appear on the cover page of this years’ Eventdesign Yearbook by avedition with the impressive project "Olympus Perspective Playground in Berlin (2017)“. Along with that you will find a big article about the Playground as well as Maybelline’s Hot Trends Exhibition last year.

1261 days ago
BMW@Art Basel 2018

Content production on a tripartite kinetic surface for BMW Group Culture in beautiful Basel during the Art Basel 2018. Produced by flora&faunavisions

1262 days ago
INSIDEOUT@Dubai Art Week 2018

This year in March, flora&faunavisions proudly presented a new version of INSIDEOUT at the wonderful space of INKED during Dubai Art Week. Take some minutes to read this beautiful review published in the current issue of CANVAS Magazine...

1267 days ago
Rock of Ages Premiere

Sex, Drugs and Rock’n Roll! Tonight the musical „Rock of Ages“ will premiere at Theater Ulm. Here are some impressions of this wild story about love, dreams and music. Motion content by flora&faunavisions. Photo Credits by Jean-Marc Turmes

1271 days ago
Solomun+1 at Pacha, Ibiza 2018

Tonight Solomun (Official) and is playing with his special +1-guest Lawrence / Official. Come to Pacha, Ibiza and enjoy the stunning show! Production and Visual Design by flora&faunavisions

1273 days ago
Paul Kalkbrenner Live Show

Get into your rave mood! Tonight Paul Kalkbrenner is playing live at WCD Pool Sessions in Frankfurt. His live performance shows a mixed live direction including 6 cameras. Concept, light/video design and live production by flora&faunavisions

1277 days ago
DIYNAMIC Infinity Mirror

We are proud to have designed the new stage objects for the upcoming DIYNAMIC FESTIVAL. Kicking off last friday in Amsterdam. Check out our infinity mirrored stage objects which link up to the lighting system and play video content. Customised, designed and produced by flora&faunavisions

1277 days ago
Solomun+1 at Pacha, Ibiza 2018

It's like the beat never stops at Solomun+1 party season. Enjoy this stunning light installation every Sunday at Pacha, Ibiza. Produced by flora&faunavisions

1278 days ago
Musical “Rock of Ages”

flora&faunavisions is delighted to be creating motion content for the Musical “Rock of Ages” that takes you right back into the wild, loud and flamboyant 80ies. 

Stay tuned for the German premiere at Theater Ulm on the 7th of June!

1291 days ago
‘Neue Mein Schiff 1’ Naming Ceremony

We are proud to have been part of the huge and successful launch ceremony of the new „Mein Schiff 1“ by TUI Cruises. In collaboration with the lead agency Ins Glück we were responsible for the design and content production of a 125 square meter LED screen covering the pool deck.