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German Film Award – Deutscher Filmpreis 2021

The German Film Prize is Germany's most highly endowed cultural prize and the highlight of the German movie year. The film industry comes together in this LIVE gala to celebrate its creative work. This glamorous evening and award ceremony is broadcast live on TV and flora&faunavisions was commissioned to create a new look for the Award.
We split the evening into categories that represent essential themes from industry themes and beyond—Diversity, Solidarity, Legacy and Pride.
Here, you can see some impressions from the final digital motion design.


The German film industry is united and diverse. The hands symbolize cohesion, support and devotion to the craft of film. The animation consists of slowly moving geometric shapes which gradually come together and form the image of closed hands - a strong symbol for solidarity in the film industry.


The future and the past of German film history are inseparable. Sustainability, craftsmanship and tradition are preserved and honoured by the German Film Award. What remains and what is to come is determined by people and their decisions. Only through sustainability and cohesion can the legacy of film be preserved for future generations.
The rings of the tree trunk grow and change, and the forms emerge more and more, developing a gentle animation of lines and curves.


The German film industry's diversity, development, and creative progress have been honoured for over 70 years. The awarding of the Lola stands for the highest creative achievement, strength and dignity.
The animation is dominated by light and colour. A poetic interpretation of a kaleidoscope from the inside and the interplay of light create reflections that make the colours shine in their variety.


The Lola is at the centre of the diversity theme world, and it symbolizes the individuality and uniqueness of each award winner. The Lolas move together in one inseparable world.
We covered the classical Lolas with precious metal textures. They are all different, but at the same time united, and slowly rotate in one animation.


Client: Deutsche Filmakademie Produktion GmbH

Motion Design, Stage Design: flora&faunavisions GmbH

Image Credits: Thoams Ebert, flora&faunavisions GmbH

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