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Equal eSports Festival for Deutsche Telekom AG

The Equal eSports Festival was a three-day hybrid event with a programme on diversity, eSports and gaming. From 29th to 31st of October 2021, Deutsche Telekom AG invited visitors to gather, cheer along, talk shop and get inspired at its representative office in Berlin. Across different areas and on various stages, young people had the chance to participate in exciting panel talks, inspiring workshops, heated show matches with world-class players, coaching sessions with renowned coaches from the eSports scene and much more. #equalesports is a culture that offers a home to all players regardless of gender, origin, culture or social status and empowers them to follow their goals.

flora&faunavisions was responsible for the space design and is happy to have worked on such a great project supporting diversity, equality, female empowerment and young people in the gaming industry.

Each day of the three-day event had its own theme: "Weltklasse in Berlin" ("World Class in Berlin"), "Battle Royale" and "Tag des Nachwuchses" ("Day of New Generation"). During numerous panel talks in the event hall, invited guests spoke about ways to achieve more equality in eSports, about how to become a pro player as well as about battles they had to fight in the process.

"Unfortunately, we see that the eSports industry is still heavily dominated by white men. That's where we want to bring in a change and contribute to creating a more open, diverse and egalitarian space," said Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience at Deutsche Telekom AG.

Watch a recap of the Equal eSports event at www.equal-esports.com/events/festival



Client: Deutsche Telekom AG
Space Concept & Design: flora&faunavisions GmbH
Program: esports player foundation GmbH
Set construction: maedebach, Braunschweig

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