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Digital Architecture for Here Technologies Space, Las Vegas

HERE is a state of the art mapping and navigation technology company concerned with the future of navigation. For HERE’s presence at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, in Las Vegas, MESO Digital Interiors commissioned flora&faunavisions to visualise six complex and highly sophisticated digital information narratives to illustrate their position in the world of navigation technology.

The motion design visuals conceptualised and created by flora&faunavisions and MESO Digital Interiors seamlessly extended from the interior LED walls onto the LED ceiling and outside onto a section of the building’s facade with integrated LED screens. Each of the six narratives cleverly transitioned from the highly complex digital concept to a real-world situation, thereby clearly illustrating the application of the HERE technology.

The multi-faceted requirements of the seamless and complex setup created unique and challenging demands for the flora&faunavisions team, whilst at the same time allowing for the playful re-interpretation of the architecture. Programming, colour correction and fine-tuning to match the building were done on-site and the final effect of the moving architecture was convincing, surprised visitors and passers-by alike.



Thank you MESO Digital Interiors for bringing us onto this amazing project. It was a great team creating this stand for CES 2019!

Client: HERE Technologies
Architectural Concept, Planning: Jack Morton
Communication, Digital Experience Concept: MESO Digital Interiors
Video Concept, Video Design, Technical Planning, Video Implementation: flora&faunavisions

Photos: flora&faunavisions, Graeme Fordham

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