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Coachella Stage Design for Solomun

As part of our holistic designs for Solomun's international performances in 2022, we had the pleasure of creating his live set for Coachella in April. It featured 90 minutes of video content tailored to 11 tracks. For the stage, we designed light objects and created a light show which resulted in an immersive stage design for the performance. Following the story of Nobody Is Not Loved, the visual concept is designed coherently for the several shows we created for Solomun across the world in 2022.

We created the stage and the 3 large LED screens behind and at the two sides of the stage. The visuals on the three screens have a seamless visual language spanning across the stage, and accompany Solomun's tracks throughout his electric performance.⁠ As with the ring elements in our show design for Solomun+1 in Pacha, Ibiza 2022, an LED ring sculpture illuminated Solomun's DJ booth in sync with the music and visuals.

The visual language for our stage concept used defined elements inspired by Solomun's "Nobody is not Loved" album concept. ⁠With the human as a central element, we follow a narrative that celebrates our physical reunion through music, and in turn, our union with music itself.⁠

Carrying on the breakthrough through the first few tracks, we move from the digital grid towards the human touch, until we are fully (re)united through and with music. We have come full circle.


Client: Solomun
Stage concepts/design & media creation – flora&faunavisions GMBH
Light Architect for FFV – Lars Murasch

Images: Chris Moylan, flora&faunavisions

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