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Khroma: An Interactive Audiovisual Installation Inspired by the Way We Feel When We Walk Through a City

flora&faunavisions was delighted to create an installation for Berlin’s newest digital art museum, Khroma New Media Arts Center. The museum, located a 5 minute walk from Berlin’s Warschauer Bruecke train station, is packed with gorgeous pieces of immersive digital art. Our project #FLOATINGMINDS will be a featured exhibition this year, alongside offerings from other fantastic immersive artists– and it will tour in the future!

#FLOATINGMINDS explores the connections between people, places, and emotion. The city is a many-layered organism, thrumming with life, noise, and feeling– each street and district with its own unique personality, one melting into the other in an endless kaleidoscope of sound and sensation. As we move through the densely packed urban world, we transition across borders and moods, developing individual connections with the spaces around us.

#FLOATINGMINDS takes visitors on a journey across Berlin and the many shifting moods of our wonderful city. The project is a thoughtful, optimistic exploration of people, places, and the ties that bind us. This walkable audio-visual work invites visitors to elevate their mood through generative, interactive technology that layers projections. Each visual element of the installation corresponds to a musical instrument and rhythm, creating an individual and dramatic experience.

#FLOATINGMINDS is an optimistic, emotional experience that explores three iconic districts of the city: Tiergarten, Kreuzberg, and Wedding. Upon entering, visitors are invited to choose one of the three locations, and are then able to select one of three moods: relaxed, inspired, and dynamic. Each choice made by the visitors will create an entirely unique, generative experience– no two people will see and hear the same thing in this exhibit.

The Tiergarten chapter recreated the warm, bright vibe of this historical park and its surrounding area, where classical buildings sit next to modern architecture, each housing top notch restaurants, art galleries, and beautiful homes.

The Wedding chapter captured the young, energetic mood of this district, where students and families mingle to create a unique multicultural, multigenerational amalgamam.

The Kreuzberg chapter embodies the incredible melting pot of Kreuzberg, where underground clubs and independent art festivals rub shoulders with political demonstrations, and people from a myriad of cultures chatter in a multitude of languages.

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