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Revolution Earth: family-focused, interactive experience addressing the climate crisis

'Revolution Earth', flora&faunavision's latest EDUTAINMENT project, has been welcoming visitors at the Discovery Museum in Kerkrade, NL since December 2023.

This interactive and immersive experience confronts the urgent issues of climate change and sustainability, offering participants a unique opportunity to engage with these critical topics. Through a series of interactive games, participants will connect with the challenges faced by teenagers living in a dystopian world over 70 years into the future, where Earth has undergone drastic transformations.

The journey begins with projected canvases illustrating the impact of the three industrial revolutions on landscapes and society. Visitors then engage with the four future teenagers before entering the 'Earth Theatre', a 12-meter deep round well projecting a film highlighting today's planet, occasionally zooming in to reveal signs of abuse and depletion.

Through three engaging games, visitors can influence the future landscape, emphasizing the core message that positive change is within our grasp today. Cutting-edge technology, including realtime graphics and 360-degree projection of 3D landscapes, enhances the experience. At the heart of the room, a unique light sculpture pulsates and evolves, responding to visitors' actions - a symbolic tree of light representing the vital heartbeat of our living planet, spreading its influence throughout the entire space.

The show concludes in the 'Reflection Space', an infinity mirrored room where visitors watch a film narrated by Dutch spoken word artist Justin Samgar. The film, enhanced by visually stunning edits by flora&faunavisions, emphasizes the potential for positive influence in the real world through right choices.

'Revolution Earth' is a transformative experience, more than an exhibition; it is a call to action, encouraging every participant to become an agent of change.


Concept, Design and Production by flora&faunavisions
Sound: Julia Ganzer for flora&faunavisions
In collaboration with Discovery Museum, Kerkrade NL

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