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Audi Pavillon Wolfsburg | IAA Mobility 2023

Audi Pavillon Wolfsburg

Towards the end of 2023, we engaged in a collaborative effort to redesign the exhibition at the Audi Pavilion in the Autostadt Wolfsburg.
The result is the Audi House of Progress, symbolizing the transformation of the Audi brand. Within the exhibition space, the four foundational pillars of Audi—Sustainability, Digitalization, Performance, and Design - are showcased expansively and interactively.
Following an extensive redesign of the existing Audi Pavilion, we supported SCHMIDHUBER in making progress tangible and experiential in the new Audi House of Progress. Vehicles, films, and installations brought the brand values of Design, Digitalization, Performance, and Sustainability to life, Audi's vision for a sustainable future of premium mobility. Our work includes the content displayed on the 7-meter LED centerpiece showcasing the four foundational pillars of Audi (Image 1, 2), and the Aeroynamic Animation displayed in Image 3.

This animation elegantly highlights selected vehicle parts by gracefully flowing around them, providing a unique and immersive experience that is responsive to the content displayed. It is not static but dynamically adjusts, ensuring a consistently engaging experience.
Moreover, this Aerodynamic Animation serves as both an audio-responsive and branding installation. It is built on a customized modular system with a complete backend structure and a CMS system, allowing for seamless integration and content management. This holistic approach ensures a cohesive and impactful display within the Audi House of Progress, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

IAA Mobility 2023

In addition to the Audi Pavilion, we also supported SCHMIDHUBER at the IAA Mobility in September 2023, collaborating with them on the exhibit shown in Image 2. Under the theme "EXPERIENCE THE LEAP," the IAA 2023 spotlighted Audi's latest product innovations, offering visitors a unique and thrilling experience where they could intimately witness Audi's forward-thinking attitude and use of progressive ideas. The concept, centered around "Progress you can feel", aimed to create an open space for communication while consistently integrating the theme of sustainability. The design of Audi's brand presence at the IAA Mobility 2023 was characterized by an open architecture fostering communicative atmosphere and inviting discourse.

Our contribution to Audi's brand presence at IAA Mobility 2023 included a dynamic digital experience and a captivating physical exhibit, both made interactive through a digital touch format. The Aerodynamic Animation illustrated how air flows around Audi vehicles, visually using a 3D-printed model for optimal viewing. This emphasized optimizing airflow for improved performance and sustainable resource utilization. The animation elegantly highlighted specific vehicle parts by flowing around them, providing a visually engaging experience. Visitors could interact like an Instagram Story, changing configurations and accessing more information by tapping the screen. This immersive experience demonstrated sustainable resource management through innovative design principles.


Audi Pavillon Wolfsburg:

Client: AUDI AG, Ingolstadt

Concept, Architecture and Communication: SCHMIDHUBER, München supported by flora&faunavisions GmbH

Photos: Raphaël Olivier, Warsaw

IAA Mobility 2023:

Client: AUDI AG, Ingolstadt

Concept, Architecture and Communication: SCHMIDHUBER, München supported by flora&faunavisions GmbH



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