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Generative Music Installation for Electronic Beats

Under the motto “Electronic Beats : Life is for sharing” flora&faunavisions was invited by Telekom Electronic Beats to curate and design an exhibition exploring the realms of music, art and technology for their festival series in Europe. Our curation and production of interactive installations and workshop areas emphasised the understanding of digital as well as analogue approaches towards electronic music production.

flora&faunavisions created the centrepiece of the exhibition: an immersive visitor experience called "Floating Sounds". This walkable audio-visual work used layered projections on multiple semi-transparent surfaces.

Each visual element of the installation corresponded to a musical instrument and rhythm. flora&fauanavisions decided to use the historically relevant medium of punch cards, which were integral to the first automated machinery and data processing systems, for the visitors to communicate with the high tech technology. Using vvvv (a hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment) patterns designed on the punch cards by the visitors triggered the installation, creating an individual and poetic experience of sounds floating in the dark. The customised films were Instantly uploaded to social media by the visitors.

Besides Floating Sounds, the range of curated artists covered physical didactic exhibits from Lorenzo Bravi, Per Holmquist and Sonic Robots as well as digital immersive experiences by schnellebuntebilder and 3D painting virtual reality case. The overlapping of digital and analogue praxis was essential to the exhibition as well as our high focus on participative formats.


We loved watching the 60 second films made by the public on social media. Seeing our ideas remixed was really fun and intersting. There were over 1,000 films and each was unique.


Photos by Markus Diefenbach, Florian Yeh, flora&faunavisions

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