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Art Installation about Data Flow

'Without You' invites people to create and experience an organically growing installation over an extended time span. The installation was first shown as part of the Perspective Playground amidst the impressive columns of Kraftwerk, Berlin. Depending on the flow of visitors and their participation and cooperation, pixels are gradually added to a translucent backlit window, resulting in colourful reflections. Moving lights created ever-changing patterns on the floor. The intensity and number of colours represent the frequency and participation of the guests.

The result is a powerful work that visualizes data in a glowing, analog form.

Without You is easy to assemble and can be adjusted in size and shape to suit any location. It invites guests to interact and cooperate in a playful way.

For further information or inquiries about showing this piece, please feel free to contact the studio.



Photo Credits: Klaus Bossemeyer

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