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Genius: Da Vinci – On Tour

'Genius: Da Vinci' is on tour - currently finding it's new home in Amsterdam.
Witness the evolution of 'Genius: Da Vinci', since its debut in 2022, the project has undergone some refinement. The Amsterdam premiere in November 2023 introduces enhanced features, including a captivating pre-show area, informative boxes on da Vinci, and a physical replica of his studio within an immersive cube at the heart of the space.

Explore the captivating contrast between the artificial world outside and the tangible wonders inside 'Genius: Da Vinci.' Step into the centerpiece cube that replicates da Vinci's atelier, offering a playful twist on history.

Engage with physical details, ambient lighting, and authentic props that recreate the essence of da Vinci's workspace, all while an interactive AI application adds a modern touch to this historical exploration.

Are you ready to have a conversation with history? Meet the 15th-century persona of Mona Lisa, your digital guide through 'Genius: Da Vinci' at the Amstel Design District in Amsterdam...

... and join us on this extraordinary journey where history meets innovation, and where the brilliance of the past is reimagined for the future.


Producer & Copyright Owner – Borealis Interactive Group B.V.

Concept & Multimedia Creation – flora&faunavisions GmbH

Music – SASHA (DJ-UK) ⁠

Image credit – flora&faunavisions, Ken Schluchtmann/ diephotodesigner.de

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