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_The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our ultimate passion - we love to orchestrate all parts into one beautiful, immersive symphony to create the ultimate heightened emotional moment. Experience has taught us the value of the well-timed, carefully unfolding narrative and we’re experts at synchronising different media into a cohesive whole, delivered perfectly to the last detail to create the ultimate emotional and sensory experience.

Genius - a creative journey through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci, today.

Solomun - The Center Will Not Hold

A Magnum Photos Digital Exhibition for Baracuta

4 Years of ECHO Award Show

Immersive Installation for Omega

5 years of IFA Opening Galas

All other work

Hyundai Car Mapping at Milan Design Week

Crossmedia Show - Universal Inside

4 years Visual Design for ADC Award

Tailormade Hologram Shows

Chinese Opera Spectacle

Solomun+1 touring the World

La Traviata Opera in Vilnius

Bertelsmann Management Meeting

GQ Men of the Year Award since 2014