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Crossmedia Show – Universal Inside

For the second year in a row, flora&faunavisions was selected as a trusted partner by our client Universal Music to develop a show-concept for a one of a kind event: Universal Inside.

We were tasked with producing content for over seven hours of show, designing the stage, motion content production, light design and show direction. flora&faunavisions created 14 custom-made staging ideas for top international artists like Freya Ridings, Lewis Capaldi, Wanda, Max Raabe, Donna Missal and many more!

This years challenge was the evolution of the Universal Inside CI that was developed in 2018 alongside a new stage design that was functional throughout different performances and show modes through a simple yet effective change of content surfaces...

Universal Inside offers over a thousand label partners, Universal employees and sales associates a chance to find out the latest on the numbers and scores for the upcoming sales year- all combined with a smart note of humor and personal insides presented through each of the Universal divisions. This all comes alongside performances from the top artists that Universal has to offer!

For Universal Inside 2018 and 2019, flora&faunavisions developed the core event CI based on the Universal logo. Each year we created a unique set of openers and trailers for the brand’s divisions that serve as the stage openers for the event. The trailers were all developed out of the main event CI and their graphics and colours adapted to match the individual divisions’ music style and target group.

The stage design was based on layered projection surfaces. This included a 16:9 display on top of a free-form surface alongside a floor projection. This innovative design offered the possibility for great motion graphics and light design by flora&faunavisions, creating the complete visual experience.

In 2018 moving LED panels on two layers created a stage set up that was used for different settings. We set the perfect scenario through thematised motion design for all the different show contents like presentation, talks, movies, as well as individual staging ideas for 18 live performances featuring musicians like The Black Eyed Peas, Rod Stewart, Sam Fender and Dendemann to name just a few.

Act backgrounds and show visuals for artists like The Black Eyed Peas and Nile Rodgers, Amy McDonald, Sam Fender, Lukas Graham, Maite Kelly and many more.

A mammoth project - not only because we set up for 21 music acts it in only 3 days (set-up, sound checks and show) - also because we took care of the show direction which was a welcomed task to round up that unique project.


For anyone who knows about backstage at live music shows you will know how much coordination goes into making this all happen. Showcasing over 20 world class musicians LIVE over 7 hours is an amazing technical and visual challenge. Thanks to Nilu and all the team at Universal for being so good at what you do and for loving it!

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