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Solomun Live Visuals for international shows

FFV is proud to be the on-going visual creative counterpart of the acclaimed electronic and house DJ and producer, Solomun. We recently launched Solomun's brand new Visual library for his emotive, deconstructed house music. Hope you get a chance to experience his show sometime this summer!

To kick off the 2019 festival season we developed a new narrative for all of Solomun´s upcoming festivals in 2019 and 2020, starting at Sonar in Barcelona. The creative idea follows our heliocentric approach for Solomun and highlights the moon as the main element of a defined visual language. The unique file setup allows VJs from all over the world to implement their own individual style in every show and stage, thus still following the defined design guidelines of the artist.

The previous VJ set for the very popular and famous DJ Solomun was also launched at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona 2015 and is still being used internationally. FFV created and produced the visual library which can be downloaded and mixed live by all the VJs playing together with Solomun. The analogue look combined with old school 3D graphics make modern unseen visuals for a Techno DJ. We are proud of the individual look we have created for Solomun which matches his personal style and individuality.

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