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Stage Show for World Famous Electronic Music Festival

Working with our partner and global break dancing group The Flying Steps, alongside the internationally renowned DJ Danny Avila, flora&faunavisions curated a unique 75-minute performance at the Saturday night headline slot of UNTOLD Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

UNTOLD Festival is the largest electronic music festival in Romania, as well as being one of the biggest worldwide. It is held annually and has been designated as the Best Major Festival at the European Festival Awards 2015. Over 4 days, the festival is attended by more than 370,000 people, with millions streaming performances live online.

flora&faunavisions was responsible for designing the show direction and concept, special effects, visuals and light design. The exhilarating concept introduced the beauty of electronic music and its history over several decades, with the art of dance being presented by the legendary multiple world champions The Flying Steps, and being put into a wonderful and exciting visual look by the iconic flora&faunavisions team.

The show took the audience on a journey through three decades of dance music, from the 90s and 00s right through to the music of today. This was combined with state of the art graphics and visuals to give each decade a unique visual and sound experience.

Tributes were paid to legends such as Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, and Armand van Helden- all the way to the modern pioneers of contemporary dance music. This unique adventure through time created an exhilarating show that took the audience on a mesmerising electronic journey.

flora&faunavisions was proud to have broken boundaries and produced such a masterful and inimitable experience for the audience. This was definitely one epic journey that created a whole new dimension of DJ performances, setting off the beginning of a new collaboration between Danny Avila, The Flying Steps and flora&faunavisions.



Videos & Images by flora&faunavisions and UNTOLD Festival

Sound by Danny Avila and UNTOLD Festival

Dance Performance by The Flying Steps

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