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25 plus Custom-made Stage Shows for TUI Cruises

As one of the top organisers of exotic cruises, TUI provides high-quality entertainment, luxury and comfort with its "Mein Schiff" fleet. flora&faunavisions is TUI’s creative partner, creating captivating video shows to entertain and inspire the TUI cruise guests. Every evening, around 1,000 guests enjoy an hour of art and entertainment made up of between 10 and 22 video tracks in elaborate shows like "Filmsong Gala", "Rockshop", "Romance and Dance" or several "Schaubühne" productions.

In total, more than 30 video shows have been produced to date. The team has created the highly acclaimed holographic shows as well as 4K video mapping on the pool deck of the recent ships.

Several signature shows have been created for specific ships, like "Lied der Gezeiten" on "Mein Schiff 4", and "Die Zeitreisenden" on "Mein Schiff 5". In addition, any newcomers to the TUI fleet are celebrated with a custom inauguration show created to celebrate the occasion of the newcomer joining the fleet.

Under lead agency Insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH we were thrilled to design and produce the digital content of a 20 min show on a 25 meter-long LED on the pool deck that transformed it into a virtual oceanic cosmos for the christening of the MeinSchiff1 in 2018.

Behind the scenes, fora&faunavisions is responsible for designing the digital content which involves also the filming of actors, singers, comedians and artists and editing and implementing footage into the motion design of the shows to produce captivating and memorable entertainment. The team also creates stage sets for signature shows that are modular, flexible, easily stored and withstand the harsh conditions on the cruise ships.


What is remarkable about working with TUI is the sheer diversity of the projects: there were fun shows, sophisticated shows and technically complex shows. From a sustainability standpoint, it’s great to know that the 25+ shows that we have created are still running on the cruise ship fleet and people are still enjoying them every night.


Photos by Fernanda Guimarães, flora&faunavisions, Chris Moylan

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