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Turandot at the Sydney Harbour for Opera Australia

An inspiring interpretation of Puccini’s famous opera, Turnadot was brought to life at Sydney harbour on a massive open-air, floating stage by Studio Leigh Sachwitz and flora&faunavisions for the internationally renowned Chinese director, Chen Shi-Zeng.

The monumental set design by Studio Leigh Sachwitz, featuring a 25 m dragon and a towering 20 m high pagoda, was animated with gripping 3D mapped visuals by flora&faunavisions using D3 software. The imagery of a tangible visual journey through the old western China, in combination with high contrast and abstract imagery, formed a bridge between Chinese and Western artistic approaches and played off in front of the mesmerising skyline of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The opera ran for 5 weeks, creating an unforgettable experience for the 3,500 ticket holders per evening, regardless of the weather conditions.

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It´s not all glamour and champagne when you work on an outdoor stage of this scale. The orchestra is sheltered under the stage on the water. It truly is an all weather project - we designed through the night with the possums and bats to tech the show on this most impressive stage floating in the Sydney harbour.

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