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Immersive Installation for Omega

For the world premiere of the Omega Deep Black Watch from the Planet Ocean collection, flora&faunavisions developed an immersive multimedia experience that dived into a mysterious underwater world.

On entering the room, the 80 invited guests, influencers and press were met by a semi-translucent cube projection, disguising the four new Omega watches. The projected experience plunged guests into a suspenseful, underwater environment, where tension slowly built up from the moment they arrived until the highly anticipated reveal.

The video material itself created a clever play between the ocean environment and the product's innovation. After the reveal, the projected environment sunk to the bed of the ocean taking the guests on a mysterious dive through the world of the new Omega Deep Black.


Creating for an iconic brand was exciting to start with, and then being able to design a narrative using nature, and especially the underwater world, was wonderful. It was like pursuing a free-time passion at work.

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