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Visual Dinner Extravaganza for Rodan + Fields

At the world famous and awe-inspiring National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona, flora&faunavisions designed and produced a 10k pixel, 360° seamless projection for the Rodan + Fields Dinner Experience of LDJ productions. The museum is famous for its outstanding architecture and collections of romanesque paintings, which created the perfect contrast for the rotating kinetic digital art piece.

When arriving inside the impressive venue, guests were met with this spectacular installation which was suspended from the ceiling, having a diameter of 12m and being 7m in height. This acted as a stunning 360-degree screen onto which a series different animated projections with continuously shifting content was mapped, setting the scene for an exciting dinner adventure that lasted for over 3 hours.

Once the guests were seated, the dinner began with focus being drawn towards the audio-visual art piece, with music and projections slowly revealing portraits of the entire class of Rodan + Fields attendees.

The immersive 360° projection then began to rise, eventually revealing the extravagant dining experience in all its grandeur. Remaining suspended from the ceiling throughout the dinner, the centrepiece installation seamlessly transitioned between courses, creating the ultimate experience.

Whilst the dinner came to an end with an incredible vocal performance, this was not the end of the Rodan + Fields experience. The after party began with the room transitioning and immersing the attendees into a spectacular array of street art inspired pattern and colour.



Client: Rodan + Fields

Lead Agency: LDJ Productions, New York

Creative Director: Jonathon Beck

flora&faunavisions: Multimedia Design, Projection Mapping, Content Production

Technical Delivery: Creative Technology UK

Photos by flora&faunavisions and Rodan + Fields

Videos by flora&faunavisions

A big thank you to our long term friend Jonathon Beck for his wonderful creative direction for this event, without him this amazing project could not have been made possible.

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