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Multimedia Musical for Kids at Friedrichstadt-Palast

Friedrichstadt Palast theatre in Berlin boasts the largest stage in the world, making it the perfect environment for creating an immersive theatre experience.

For the kids show 'Spiel mit der Zeit', flora&faunavisions had the privilege of creating the entire digital content portfolio, as well as the set and lighting design. The theatre’s young ensemble of over 100 children, aged from seven to sixteen, brought to life the journey of three lost teenagers and their dog travelling through time after an unfortunate incident with a faulty video game console.

The visual content for each epoch was expertly designed by flora&faunavisions and projected onto huge screens, gauzes and stage props, transporting the actors and the viewer into times gone by and ultimately, the future. On their journey, the children encounter incredible characters and are faced with challenging situations, like fighting dragons, experiencing a duel in the wild west and meeting mummies in ancient Egypt, all brought to life through motion graphics, light and of course, the fantastic young actors. The show was a sensation and thrilled young and old alike.


It was great to take our families to see this show with over 150 kids performing on the massive stage of the Friedrichstadt-Palast. What an amazing moment for all members of the audience and the talented children on stage - overcoming their stage fright and performing like professional singers and dancers.


Photos by  Nady El-Tounsy, Axel Schmidt (AFP), flora&faunavisions

Show Direction: Andreana Clemenz
Light Design: Chris Moylan
Stage Design: Jan Wünsche

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