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Walkable Kaleidoscope for Social Media Activation

For fashion week, flora&faunavisions were commissioned by Adidas to create a mirrored photo opportunity for the Adidas Gazelle Backyard Gallery. We created an augmented reality modular triangular kaleidoscopic object, producing multilayered artificial visual worlds for visitors to explore their creativity.

On a tablet, the visitor could choose between 4 animated loops, multiplied by the kaleidoscope in order to create and further share their individual personal shoot. We produced the visual content as a collage of Gazelle’s campaign, remixing iconic past and future content. A cubistic formation within the installation gradually expanded towards the opening of the kaleidoscope, allowing the reflection and integration of the surrounding as well as breaking the format of the triangular to an appealing installation.

Our approach is sustainable: therefore the kaleidoscope has been built to be reused and the visual content is adaptable, allowing the concept to be re-installed by the client.


It was fascinating looking through the images that people had uploaded to social media and to see how creative people could be inside the kaleidoscope. Every single one was different. That was fantastic!

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