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Day of German Unity – Tag der Deutschen Einheit 2022

flora&faunavisions was delighted to be commissioned by the German Federal Press & Information Office to create an art installation for the Tag Der Deutschen Einheit (German Unity Day) celebrations at Domplatz in Erfurt. The sculpture’s purpose is to foster democratic conversation by exploring and framing recent German history through the prism of abstracted shapes, colors, spaces and words - a canvas upon which the public is invited to both project and reflect ideas and themes of democracy, togetherness and compassion.

The 360° light installation illuminates the public square and acts as a conduit for films focusing on the Wende era, the Thuringia region and presentations from Germany’s 16 federal ministries, all contextualised through the four visual languages created by flora&faunavisions for this piece.

Collectivity is defined by the individual elements that make up the whole. In that sense, the installation we created in Erfurt echoes visually the ideology it communicates. While each cluster is defined by its own distinct identity, they are part of a united idea centred on democracy, togetherness, and shared growth, combining to create a captivating art piece for all.

How do words connect us? Whether spoken, heard or seen, they are the bridges between ourselves, carrying thoughts and ideas across tables, rooms and oceans. When flora&faunavisions received this commission, words were at the forefront of our minds. The visual direction of the first cluster examines words in detail - looking closer to reveal their abstract forms, foregrounding the notion that words are simply clusters of shapes, and it is us that imbues them with meaning. Words define, record and recount our history, and by understanding the past, together we can shape the future.

Light through a prism is light divided, but it is still light. Everyone sees the world through different eyes, but when we share the same view, we can change it. Using fluctuating ensembles of filters, this second cluster zooms out rather than in to find a broader sense of shape and space, giving a visual context to ideas of individuality, diversity and togetherness. A state of the art representation of the principles of modularity, much like the 16 state departments that make up a united Germany, it invites us to see our differences and similarities as equal partners.

Spaces are where ideas meet. They offer places to come together, to explore, and to understand one another. Doors open to the memories of the past and the possibilities of the future, providing essential arenas for cultural and ideological exchange to occur. The visual direction of the third cluster was to create an abstract architecture where memory can live on, and where public art can offer private moments of understanding and reflection.

Archiving makes history permanent. Looking back at our history allows us to reflect and reappraise, to right our wrongs and learn from mistakes, and to enact change for the better. This fourth cluster celebrates the ways in which we capture the present to remember the past. Inspired by Thuringen - of which Erfurt is the state capital and the host of this year’s German Unity Day celebrations - the installation’s visual direction connects with films about the region and the historic events surrounding Germany’s unity.

The installation’s concept is completed through the participation of the people, forming an ideological bridge between the government’s messages, the visual direction and the public that they both serve, and it’s through this collective experience and understanding that the democratic idea(l)s of oneness, education and cooperation are shared and made meaningful. The variety of the visual directions contained within the piece seek to mirror the collective individuality that make up our society - it’s the differences we share that bring us together, allowing us to discover previously unknown possibilities to help us shape our own future.

flora&faunavisions wish to thank our partners for their trust in the work we have created. To the German Federal Press & Information Office for the opportunity to realise such an important project and for their faith and trust in our work, as well as our friends at Zum Goldenen Hirschen⁠ for such an enjoyable collaborative experience. We hope it inspires and challenges others as it has us, and offers possibilities for further collaboration, together.



Client: Federal Press and Information Office – Federal Government⁠
Lead Agency & Film Production: Zum Goldenen Hirschen⁠
Multimedia & Motion Design: flora&faunavisions ⁠
Event Agency, programming & additional film production: Mediapool⁠

Image credits: flora&faunavisions, Mediapool

Video credits: flora&faunavisions


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