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Genius – a creative journey through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci, today.

In January 2022, a new generation of immersive shows opened its doors at Wriezener Karree in Berlin. Genius, a creative journey through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci, today, gives the viewer a look at the world through the eyes of the master. Berlin is the first destination for this show, and it is set to open in at least 12 other locations in Europe and the US until 2025.

The Genius Immersive Experience is the next generation of immersive shows. Explore the interactive space, experience stroboscopic effects, bring his artworks to life using QR codes and immerse yourself in a breathtaking 360-degree soundscape. Explore da Vinci's world from a completely new perspective.

The show is divided into Leonardo’s work as a painter, inventor, scientist and astronomer, which demonstrates his universal genius. It is a space full of adventure and creativity in which visitors move freely to discover the changing scenes for themselves.

With the help of tracking technologies, visitors can interact with elements of the show and become part of the production. The combination of different technologies such as live-generated content, interactive spatial design and augmented reality with a sound design created exclusively for Genius by the British composer and DJ Sasha ensure a unique audio-visual experience every time.

The entire exhibition picks up on the current spirit of the times. For example, Mona Lisa can be used for a conversation about fashion, self-care or diversity. Leonardo da Vinci's old portraits, which often already contained rudiments of androgyny, are transformed piece by piece into contemporary queer personalities. Trends such as neo-ecology, connectivity and the link between technology and relationships are compared with his work and the effects of historical depictions on contemporary society are explored. 

The show is filled with Easter eggs about Leonardo da Vinci's work and inspires visitors to find out more about his extensive work.

"Creating an immersive show which is inspired by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci while exploring the possibilities and pushing the limits of what can be done with technology, storytelling, light, language, music and interactive playfulness is a dream come true. Genius is a fun, impressive and eye-opening immersive experience and has been an absolute joy in the past year for us at flora&faunavisions to design and create."
Leigh Sachwitz, Founder & Creative Director, flora&faunavisions

The Genius Immersive Experience is a journey to ultimate greatness: The mindset of Leonardo da Vinci is more present now than ever, an inspiration to question the status quo and the ability to encounter and embrace new challenges with creativity that inhabits every human mind. Genius is created as an inclusive show that welcomes people from all walks of life and empowers everyone to become creators themselves, to choose their own storyline. It is an encouragement to unleash their full creative potential from the show itself to all parts of life beyond. Genius is a show for all ages, young and old.

The cube at the center of the room - the centrepiece - is not only projected from the outside, but it can also be entered to reveal a lamp installation which stands in contrast to the digital space that surrounds it. A script written in reverse on the lamp, as he did in his notebooks, is illuminated from within, projecting the typography onto the inner walls of the cube where the message can be read by visitors.

Extending human capabilities and finding ways to explore out-of-reach places were huge motivators for Leonardo da Vinci, from the deep underwater world to the mysteries of outer space. While he used any means available to him during his time, we imagined where he would go with tools available to us today.

The multidisciplinary team at flora&faunavisions has approached the genius of Leonardo da Vinci with a contemporary mindset and cutting-edge skillset to bring an unprecedented outburst of inspiration and creativity to life.

Genius is a show that you can revisit many times to hone your own vision and be further inspired by the performances, films, augmented reality and exhibits. Almost 80 million real pixels, 50km of cabling and more than 350,000 projected lumens will intoxicate your senses and guarantee an unforgettable experience.



Producer & Copyright Owner – Borealis Interactive Group B.V.

Concept & Multimedia Creation – flora&faunavisions GmbH

Music – SASHA (DJ-UK) ⁠

Image credit – flora&faunavisions, Ken Schluchtmann/ diephotodesigner.de

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