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5 years of IFA Opening Galas

Every year, IFA - the world’s leading business event for consumer electronics and home appliances - attracts more than 1,000 exhibitors and over 6,000 journalists to its showcase of future technologies. flora&faunavisions has been commissioned on multiple occasions to create a visual experience for the IFA grand gala event, which is attended by a select 500 from the industry, media and entertainment worlds and a host of celebrities.

flora&faunavisions for lead agencies Beeftea and Vitamin E created a coherent, visual and visionary video and space design with the trade fair’s international image and standing. The guests enjoyed a lavish gala dinner among discreet welcome and logo trailers projected onto 3 layers of transparent gauze to create a 3-dimensional effect. Afterwards, they were led into the venue’s grand hall (Ehrenhalle) where they were greeted by an expansive 270° slide and video installation perfectly mapped onto the space’s impressive walls.


The challenge was to build the entire installation in one and a half hours whilst the guests were in an adjacent room. Once they re-entered the space that they had initially entered through, it had been completely transformed. This took a lot of planning and very careful choreography. Also, we only did it once, so there was no practice round!


Lead Agencies: 2009-2010: Vitamin-e, 2014-2015: Beeftea
Photos by flora&faunavisions, Andreas Schwarzburger

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