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Flying Apsaras: A Musical Theatrical Experience

Flying Apsaras celebrated its premiere at the Poly Theatre in Beijing!

This groundbreaking musical theatrical experience reimagines travel narratives by creating emotional environments with digital art, recreating the ancient art created by Buddhist monks between 300-800 AD in the Mogao Caves. These 1,000 caves, carved into a mountain on the border of Dunhuang in the Gobi Desert, are brought to life for contemporary audiences while honoring their historical roots. The creative team behind this musical has been working diligently on the idea of preserving history for a new generation, introducing a revolutionary way of presenting Chinese musicals with a fully immersive stage. The success of 'Flying Apsaras' has us eagerly anticipating its upcoming tour across China!

The visionary production features an immersive visual design integrating multiple screens and video mapping by flora&faunavisions. Drawing inspiration from the celestial beings of Buddhist lore, the Flying Apsaras, it creates an enchanting journey into the heart of Dunhuang's artistic legacy. Recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, Dunhuang has been a wellspring of artistic inspiration worldwide. Through this innovative multimedia spectacle, we delve into Dunhuang's rich history and artistic national heritage, merging ancient art with cutting-edge technology on a grand scale.

“In the center of the stage, music is played and flowers are scattered, flying into the sky and dancing, presenting a visual effect of heavenly clothes flying and walls fluttering.“ (lwxsd, 2024)

In this immersive stage experience, you'll encounter three interconnected stories: Meet the dedicated painter, staying in the Mogao Caves and the adventurous traveler, starting his journey in Paris and making his way to the Mogao caves whilst passing through Iraq, India and Egypt. Witness the timeless tales of Buddha's journey - all set against the stunning environments of lost civilizations and Mogao Caves' celestial art.

Picture this: a vast multilayered digital stage where the ancient meets the modern in a mesmerizing blend of music, dance, and storytelling. From decayed murals to vibrant animations, the production captures the essence of life, art, and the human spirit's quest for meaning.

“The murals that have been silent in the years have been restored and displayed through multimedia means, reflecting a new inheritance from the past...” (lwxsd, 2024)


Digital Design created by flora&faunavisions  

Directed by Chen Shi-Zheng 

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