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Solomun+1 touring the World

FFV is proud to be the on-going visual creative counterpart of the acclaimed electronic and house DJ and producer, Solomun, creating the visual design for his emotive, deconstructed house music. Together with our friends and partners from Solomun +1 we adapted the show design of its natural habitat at Pacha, Ibiza and went to conquer the world with this technically innovative design.

Our concept premiered in December 2017 at Depot 52 Warehouse, New York City and continued at the tropical location ZAMNA in the middle of the jungle in Tulum, Mexico. The following shows were created for the old airport venue 'Le Bourget' in Paris, in Berlin’s industrial Kabelwerk, open-air in Bucharest’s Baneasa Forest and continues to tour the globe.

For Solomun, flora&fauanavisions created and produced a new visual library accompanies by lights and lasers to complete the show together with Solomun. The analogue aestetics combined with old school 3D graphics make modern unseen visuals for a Techno DJ. We are proud of the individual look we have created for Solomun which matches his personal style and individuality. We hope you’ll get a chance to experience one of this prolific artist’s many shows.


The tour concepts we came up with brings together creativity, trust and technology. Working in so many different countries with local teams inspired me both in my business understanding as well in my private understanding of cultures, religion and attitudes. - Marcus


Photos by flora&faunavisions, TEKSupport, diephotodesigner.de

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