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Tailormade Hologram Shows

For TUI, one of the top organisers of exotic cruises, flora&faunavisions developed 9 full-length (40-50 mins) 3D hologram shows featuring world famous performers to entertain and beguile the guests on the ships of TUI’s luxury entertainment fleet.

After one year of research and experimentation, the final result of the holograms was exceptional, convincing many in the audience that the personalities on stage were present. In order to achieve this high level of representation, a custom theatre had to be built on the ships to accommodate the necessary holographic equipment. The process of creating the shows included the conceptualisation, filming of the stars in studio, post-production, creating 3D sceneries and the final additional animation.

Our aim for this project was to craft a truly enchanting experience, where the talent and character of each artist, like Jan Vogler, Flying Steps, Ute Lemper and Dieter Hallervorden, would be perfectly portrayed.

In addition, we created over 120 minutes of content for the daily running shows. By perfecting the holographic representation techniques, we enabled the daily on-board full length "performances" of stars including legendary German entertainer Heino, tenor Rolando Villazón, Circus Roncalli and the German comedian Didi Hallervorden.

flora&faunavisions’s work included shooting national and international entertainment stars in studio, post-production, 3D scenery set-up and animations with the outcome of full-on holographic images. With this project, flora&faunavisions challenged the perception of many visitors on the TUI cruise ships, as well as the international art and design scene.

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Creativepool Annual Award 2017: Winner category “Experiential”


It was amazing to see that if you have an idea or a vision, and you believe that you can do it, it works out. We started the project in January and did a lot of testing, experimentation and learning, and twelve months later we had produced amazing shows where nobody could tell that the people on stage were not really there.

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