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Brand Experience Designs for Jägermeister

For the everlasting traditional brand Jägermeister, flora&faunavisions is proud to present the numerous and varied design projects that we have worked on over the past years.

No matter the brief, we are always following Jägermeister’s leading premises of perfection and premium quality.

For several years, flora&faunavisions had the pleasure of designing Jägermeister's presence at leading Bar Convent Berlin and Barzone, two leading trade fairs in the bar and beverage scene. On each occasion, we created a unique look and perfected Jägermeister's appearance through a thoughtful choice of materials and effects to symbolize the product's style and attitude. Super stylish black box, laboratory or Stammtisch - we always matched the brief and enjoyed the collaborative work with lead agencies visiontrees and Proof & Sons respectively, as well as architect Lennart Günther of urbanshapes, to create a statement piece.

The "Hubertus Rat", or The Hubertus Circle, is an exclusive club for barman and barmaids, shrouded in legend and mystery and operating under the Jägermeister brand. As visual partner and consultant for lead agency visiontrees, we shaped Hubertus Rat's visual appearance, creating the logo and corporate identity guide, print products for events and promotions as well as several videos and event designs for this exclusive bar circle.

Take the best of Germany’s up-and-coming bar tenders, selected by Jägermeister’s trend scouts add an old castle right in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District in Germany. Add some top-notch action. What do you get? Answer – The Hubertus Circle Event and a lot of excitement!

In co-operation with visiontrees, flora&fauanavisions created several two-day bartender events. We started with specially designed save-the-dates and continued our adventures a couple of weeks later with action-packed moments, like a raft building competition and the Jägermeister hunting licence. Knowledge sessions, such as a visit to a herbalist and presentations by a professor of medicine, mixing sessions, barbecues and custom speed shaking sessions topped off the event. flora&faunavisions delivered the entire event concept and execution.

For Jägermeister's duty free activation promotions in Vienna, Istanbul, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf and beyond, flora&faunavisions created exceptional brand experiences that built upon Jägermeister’s unique brand visuals and values. In an environment primarily consisting of sparkle, shine and artificial surfaces, we relied on authenticity to contras:

Jägermeister is genuine, valuable and ambitious of both the traditional and the modern. We created an environment with modular furniture consisting of bar and shelve units that could be rearranged to adapt to the location where visitors were offered tastings of different Jägermeister drinks. Additionally, we developed the international BVI, serving as a guideline for all involved parties for the international duty free rollout of the iconic brand.

flora&faunavisions also created some haptic representations of the brand over the years. Featuring the iconic elements of the brand, Jägermeister, flora&faunavisions, in cooperation with visiontrees, designed and produced new and modern objects referring to the Jägermeister deer head in a clear yet abstract way as well as designing, prototyping and producing a bottle glorifier, premium bar tools and the packaging for limited edition Bitters and Duty Free packs.


The diversity of the projects was challenging and inspiring. How can you best translate the brand's core values into a small product, a 3-day event, a new CI for an exclusive members club or a completely new international BVI to expand the German look & feel to the international markets... Of course - the best ideas were born after a sip of Jägermeister!


Photos by flora&faunavisions, Roland Justynowicz, Ken Schluchtmann – diephotodesigner.de
Renderings by urbanshapes for flora&faunavisions´

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