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Trade Fair

_Making content visible. Trade fairs present us with the opportunity to apply our high tech expertise to communicate factual messages in an exciting and engaging way. Media design, booth design and print design all form part of trade fair projects and can be integrated to form a cohesive, convincing message. Work we’re proud of in this area is our project for HERE at the CES in LA and Jägermeister's BCB stands. Check them out!

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Day of German Unity - Tag der Deutschen Einheit 2022

Coachella Stage Design for Solomun

Genius - a creative journey through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci, today.

Solomun - The Center Will Not Hold

Hyundai Car Mapping at Milan Design Week

Crossmedia Show - Universal Inside

4 years Visual Design for ADC Award

Tailormade Hologram Shows

4 Years of ECHO Award Show

Chinese Opera Spectacle

Solomun+1 touring the World

La Traviata Opera in Vilnius

Immersive Installation for Omega

5 years of IFA Opening Galas

Bertelsmann Management Meeting

GQ Men of the Year Award since 2014