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Maybelline New York Fashion Show

4 beauty bloggers, 4 metropolises, 1 mission: Get inspired to create beauty trends. That’s the Maybelline Trend Squad. For Berlin Fashion Week, flora&faunavisions set the scene with two 4K seamless soft-edge projections on either side of a 30-metre long catwalk in Motorenwerk for the Maybelline Hot Trends Show visited by 1,000 top fashion VIPs.

Inspired by the Maybelline Trend Squad, flora&faunavisions created eight chapters of video imagery, each referring to an individual theme, product and supermodel. From elegant, light and mystical feathers for the angel wing eyes trend to colourful urban graffitis for the lip contouring trend. We focused on an overall atmospheric emotional scenery, the perfect shot of each It-Girl and subtly integrated product presentation.

The show was framed by our editorially modified recap of the trend squad’s experiences around the world and was followed by the astonishing opening of the Maybelline Hot Trends Exhibition.


Silver at Galaxy Award 2017
Silver at FAMAB Award 2017
Gold at Bea Award 2017


The two oversized widescreen surfaces were the perfect canvas for us to translate the upcoming make-up trends into sophisticated, cutting-edge visuals.

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