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Interactive Multimedia Show for Volvo Art Session

For the 6th & 7th editions of the annual Volvo Art Session in Zurich, flora&faunavisions were invited by EQAL Visual Productions to design produce and execute a multimedia show to inspire and entertain an invited audience of over 800 guests for the reveal of the most current Volvo innovations. Breaking with the conventions of the previous editions, which initially focused on urban art, flora&faunavisions curated and produced a 40-minute fusion of contemporary dance, projection, responsive content, music and live-painting.

For the 6th edition, flora&faunavisions installed a massive rear projection wall as the backdrop to a white foiled Volvo V90 that was brought to life by digital content mapped directly onto the car. The projected imagery was seemingly responding to the elegant and emphatic movements of contemporary dancers to live music. ​This elegant choreography fusion of man and machine was f​ollowe​d​ by the car being ​dramatically painted ​on stage.

The event was a huge success thanks to the impressive installation, captivating motion graphics and our successful collaboration with the internationally renowned choreographer duo, Wang Ramirez, renowned musician, Pablo Nouvelle, and the Swiss street artist, Ata Bozaci.

Project Documentation 2016

The following year, for the 7th edition of the Volvo Art Session "Human meets Digital" flora&faunavisions once again had the pleasure of working with EQAL Visual Production AG and explored the borders between the human and digital universes.

To create, design and execute an intriguing and exciting show we worked with a technical setup which used a holographic framing on the front of the stage. The multimedia stage served as the perfect surrounding for a sensor and camera based interactive dance and music performance.

flora&faunavisions was responsible for the sound design and collaborated with Berlin music artist Dariusz Voltra, who created the soundtrack and performed live on stage while Team Recylced – Afina Feodossiadi and Daniel Asamoah (known by the German TV show "Got to Dance") performed their interpretation of human meets digital.

Thanks to the three-layered projected show we created a beautiful coming together of the human and the digital, working with generative and sound reactive content as well as motion tracking and the projection of digital silhouettes. Keeping to the event’s theme, the new Volvo XC40 was presented through an animated digital reveal on the massive backdrop screen.

Project Documentation 2017


It is amazing to see a brand act as an enabler of technology, modern dance choreography, visuals and sound. Thanks to Volvo for being brave, it really paid off.


Photos: Christian Breitschmid & David Biedert, flora&faunavisions, EQAL

Sound Design: Dariusz Voltra, Pablo Nouvelle, Leme, ZEROKILLED MUSIC

6th edition:
Overall Responsibility: Volvo Car Switzerland AG & EQAL Visual Productions AG
Concept: EQAL Visual Productions AG
Creative Direction: EQAL Visual Productions AG in coop. with flora&faunavisions
Show Design & Motion Design Mapping Car & Lighting Design: flora&faunavisions
Media Production: flora&faunavisions & EQAL Visual Productions AG
Visual Design Performance & Creative Coding: Waltz Binaire
Choreography: Wang Ramirez
Design Art Car: Ata Bozaci
Music: Pablo Nouvelle, Leme, ZEROKILLED MUSIC

7th edition:
Show Concept & Production: flora&faunavisions
Direction: Leigh Sachwitz
Video Design & Production: flora&faunavisions / Sebastian Grebing
Light Design: flora&faunavisions
Creative Production: flora&faunavisions / Marcus Kregel
Creative Coding: Toby Knyvett
Choreography: TEAM RECYCLED
Dance Performance: TEAM RECYCLED / Afina Feodossiadi & Daniel Asamoha
Soundtrack & Live Performance: Dariusz Voltra

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