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The world’s first-ever digital Ring Cycle

In a pioneering fusion of classical opera and cutting-edge technology, flora&faunavisions proudly presents the world's first-ever digital 'The Ring Cycle': a revolutionary 15-hour production of Richard Wagner's epic 'Ring des Nibelungen.' This groundbreaking masterpiece, often likened to the Olympics of opera, features awe-inspiring digital set design created by flora&faunavisions, setting a new standard in theatrical innovation.

Originally composed in the 19th century, Wagner's masterpiece undergoes a transformative evolution through our collaboration with dear friend and colleague Chen Shi-Zheng.
This reinterpretation breathes new life into 'The Ring Cycle,' transforming it into a contemporary fantasy land and establishing the world's first fully digital realization of Wagner's epic.

Premiering on December 1st, 2023, at Opera Australia in Brisbane, 'The Ring Cycle' consists of four parts: 'Das Rheingold', 'Die Walküre', 'Siegfried', and 'Götterdämmerung'. Spanning a total runtime of 15 hours, these four operas unfold over four consecutive nights.

The production involves 83 musicians and 102 voices, with our digital design setting new standards through the application of the latest technologies in stage design and lighting.

„Sixteen hours in this operatic ‘multiverse’ is a five-star experience.“ - The Sydney Morning Herald

The revolutionary digital set combines giant LED screens with seamless choreography, featuring dynamic rear-edge and side panels. In 'Die Walküre', a central seven-meter-high white tree takes the spotlight, creating immersive visual effects. This fusion seamlessly integrates opera singers with LED screens, delivering a captivating and interactive stage experience. Years of development in motion tracking, synchronized animations, and innovative costume technology contribute to a harmonious blend of music, singing, visuals, and lighting.

The journey begins with "Das Rheingold", a magnificent prelude that sets the stage for an extraordinary tale of power, wealth, cosmic transformation and determines the course of the entire saga.
„Die Walküre“ is the next captivating chapter, known for its dramatic power and iconic music such as the „Ride of the Valkyries“. It delves into the highly emotional world of humanity after the otherworldly „Das Rheingold”.

“Digital images give us the opportunity to explore in a way that you can’t really do if you’re working more statically or traditionally. We have the opportunity to build something up. You could start with just a dot and end up in a sandstorm.” - Digital Content Designer Leigh Sachwitz

Following “Siegfried”, the third opera where you can experience a night of fearless heroics and dive into Siegfried's 21st-century battle with a dragon and witness the fearless hero confront his destiny.

"Götterdämmerung", the exhilarating finale to Wagner’s four-part epic, features some of the composer’s most impactful music.

“Where are we going with opera in the future and how are we going to keep classical music alive for audiences? I do think that we need to embrace technology, and use it as a tool to do great things. And if we manage to do that, then we’ll be able to activate younger audiences.” - Leigh Sachwitz

'The Ring Cycle' represents a monumental leap forward in the marriage of art and technology, creating a transcendent opera experience that pays homage to the classical roots of Wagner's masterpiece while embracing the possibilities of the digital age.


Digital Content Designer: Leigh Sachwitz (flora&faunavisions)

Digital Content Designer Associates: Sebastian Grebing, Milena Mayer, Antonia

Böhme (flora&faunavisions)

Conductor: Philippe Auguin

Director: Chen Shi-Zheng

Associate Set Designer: Maruti Evans

Costume Designer: Anita Yavich

Lighting Designer: Matthew Marshall

Associate Lighting Designer: Lucy Birkinshaw

Choreographer: Akasia Ruth Inchaustegui

Assistant Director: Matthew Barclay, Miranda Summers


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