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Xaver.10 – The Swiss Live Communication Award

Xaver, The Swiss Award for Excellence in Live Communication, takes place yearly in Zurich, Switzerland. flora&faunavisions was excited to work with lead agency Standing Ovation to create the award’s clever key visual – also used in the run-up to the event for several print and online campaigns – as well as all media content for the two-hour award gala and subsequent after-show party, and finally, co-developing the event’s stunning choreography with Standing Ovation’s André Richter.

Hosted by the Swiss expo event, the award show at Zurich’s Maag Hall was a resounding success with prestigious prizes in a total of five categories – Best Promotion Project, Best Supplier Project, Best Live Communication Campaign, Best Event Project, Best Expo Project – and an overall Xaver of the Year.

In the spirit of the Xaver’s overall theme – to honour the best in live communication – flora&faunavisions went all out with their contribution to the proceedings. Spreading innovative content across three portrait screens, the show’s entire look drew on the event’s characteristic key visual, an X for Xaver and the Roman numeral 10. When the moment of truth arrived for the contenders on the screen, the video, together with the moveable stage, revealed the unsuspecting winner.


It was great to create the design for Xaver, the Swiss Live Communication Award. Now we collected one ourselves for the Miele project 'Creating New Dimensions'.


Images by flora&faunavisions and standing ovation

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