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Interactive Award Show for Airbus

For Airbus Deutschland’s Awards for Excellence, 25 international Airbus teams were invited to the massive Airbus A380 aeroplane production hall in Hamburg Finkenwerder, where flora&faunavisions created a real show night, combining, dance and stunts with captivating video design.

A carefully choreographed blend of interactive HD video projections and modern dance human movement took the guests on a journey to discover the Airbus network and its people.

flora&faunavisions’ spatial concept included a large-scale floating projection screen and transparent gauzes that defined the space and drew attention to the stage without hiding the characteristic working platforms and large-scale production machines housed in the hall.

At its core, the video shows 5 interactive show parts. Each set the scene for a different award category by focusing on the individual key characteristics of teamwork, innovation and customer value through both video content and performance. Aerial descents, vertical dances, modern choreographies and a romantic shadow dance were held together by flora&faunavisions’ video design’s strong visual language. The modern graphic approach was key to the welcome and outro loops featuring the employees’ photos, several speech backgrounds and the interactive show introduction.


For this project we focussed on original methods, to play with illusions, lights and shadows: Change of perspective, movement and interaction on stage connected with a beautiful interplay between light and dark created a simple, yet poetic and innovative show. Sometimes less is more.


Sound by Jan Weigel, performances by battleROYAL

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