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Magenta Moon Experience Hub for Deutsche Telekom AG

The Magenta Moon Experience Hub by Deutsche Telekom invites young people to discover topics around sustainability, diversity and inclusion in a playful way.
The visitors discover exciting games and can learn about their personal strengths and find out which new job profiles in the digital world of the future suit them best.

flora&faunavisions is responsible for the experience concept, multimedia production and interactive media. The games are designed to foster edutainment following the principles of the already realised project Magenta Moon Campus in Berlin in October 2020.

Sunrise and Moon Garden offer different experiences depending on the game phase. Idle Mode entices with playful generative elements, while the game intros explain the respective game objective and the gameplay. The three different games - equal game, future game and green magenta, are the interactive highlights. Evaluation and rewards summarize the game result briefly and concisely and offer a positive, emotional experience.

Sunrise and Moon Garden are the starting point of the games. Start icons for the three possible game types can be found on the selection screen and can be started by touching them. In the end, there is positive feedback for the respective game. After each feedback, the players return to the selection menu and can decide whether they want to continue playing or stay in the Moon Garden / Sunrise Garden.

The Equal Game is a game against time. Within a limited time, users have to guess which of the statements are true or false and collect the correct statements. Through info-tainment, the user is provided with a variety of statements on the topic of equal gaming.

In the Futureproof Game, users go through six multiple-choice questions. First, they face QuickPolls questions, where the response rates of other users from surveys are displayed. In the next step, various answer options from the campaign questionnaire are available for selection. This generates curiosity about other possible ways of shaping their own professional profile, and users are finally directed to the Futureproof campaign web app via a QR code.

The Green Magenta game starts in an initially inanimate landscape, where visitors sow seeds. Flowers, grasses and shrubs sprout from them. The multiform plants increase biodiversity and attract bees. The growing flower meadow provides a shared positive experience that emotionally supports the Green Magenta / Good Magenta strategy. Additionally, you can complete the information transfer of the Green Magenta / Good Magenta strategy.



Client: Deutsche Telekom AG
Experience Concept, Multimedia Production, Interactive Media: flora&faunavisions GmbH, Berlin
Interactive Development & Programming: wirmachenbunt, Hamburg
Sound Design: Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG, Stuttgart
Technics: AMBION GmbH, Kassel
Set construction: maedebach, Braunschweig

Image Credits: flora&faunavisions GmbH, maedebach

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