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A Visual Timeline of Solomun’s Artist Identity

flora&faunavisions is proud to be the visual creative counterpart for the internationally renowned electronic music artist Solomun since 2014 and are honoured to be responsible for the artist's digital visual language.

A beautiful evolution of the visual identity has led us to create an eclectic mix of style which is annually driven by different concepts and by the evolution of technology within the electronic music scene. Take a look at our visual language which evolves through time. The biggest challenge of all is to create 21 different styles per season (May - October) from the individual designs.

flora&faunavisions created the visual identity and all motion graphics for Solomun's summer residency at Pacha, Ibiza, where we also took care of the club design since 2014. FFV also developed the digital design for his tours where we created and produced a visual library which can be downloaded and mixed live by all the VJs playing together with Solomun. We are proud of the individual look we have created and refined for Solomun over the years which matches his personal style and individuality.

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