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IROC Volkswagen World Premiere

For the World Premiere of Volkswagen’s new study, IROC, a reinterpretation of the legendary VW Scirocco, flora&faunavisions created an extremely intricate visual installation for the event held in Hangar 2 at the former Tempelhof Airport, Berlin.

Working with a large design team in utmost secrecy for over 2 months, we created a seamless 360° soft-edge video projection that included extremely reduced graphic styles and typographic elements featuring the IROC logo. Visual dimension was added by utilising G-LEC, a cutting edge LED system programmed with a video signal.

The evening was divided into three parts, kicking off with a reception for invited members of the press and VIPs who were treated to a product presentation that featured the IROC driving into the location and circling the audience on a runway that ran around the outer walls of the main space – inside the location!

The second part saw other guests arrive in sync with exquisite catering and the press was encouraged to inspect the car from close-up. The third part of the evening was an unexpected and initially dramatic entertainment segment: the lights were dimmed suddenly and an entire stage set was let down from the ceiling with the band Mando Diao. What followed was a full-on rock show followed by DJs to round off the evening.


This was our first 360° soft edge video projection and it was a huge technical challenge at the time, 14 years ago, it set a benchmark in Germany. We spent 5 months working on the digital content that lasted 2 minutes and 20 seconds and when we were ready to render, it was over 40° in Berlin, we had 20 ventilators on the servers. It was really progressive, very exciting and an amazing achievement for us.


Photos by Ken Schluchtmann, diephotodesigner.de

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