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Visual 360° Solution for Paul Kalkbrenner’s Parts of life

For Paul Kalkbrenner’s latest album, ‘Parts of Life’, flora&faunavisions have created, designed and produced the entire tour concept, from the 2D graphics to the 3D set design and additionally, two music videos, Part Three and Part Eight, aimed at giving a sneak preview of the live shows to his enthusiastic fans.

The artist’s dedication to authenticity provided the entire concept for the "Parts of Life" tour and the visuals were designed purely around the artist and his talent. Being able to watch Paul's work close up is a dream come true for any fan.

With this in mind, our team used TouchDesigner to combine smart-filmed live footage of the artist performing on stage with digital visual elements to create a unique set of imagery that was broadcast live during the show. The resulting combination of constantly original visuals with a smart lighting concept made this a true milestone in the electronic music scene.

For his two music videos, Part Three and Part Eight, Paul Kalkbrenner is portrayed at his best - making music live. Stripped of colour, the black and white footage delivers a clear message of stripped down authenticity.
For Part Three, the focus is on the artist at work at his sound desk in a pitch black indoor space, brought to life by geometric lighting synchronised to the music. The focus is on the technical aspect of music production and the passion that the artist brings to his work.

Part Eight sees Paul alone with his set on a huge flat roof in the centre of Berlin, mixing to his heart’s content. Drone footage allows us to experience the artist from above as he orchestrates his music to the invisible audience and the city beyond.


Working with an artist who knows exactly what he wants and understands the technical process behind the creation of a visual show makes the result even more spectacular.
Thanks to Paul Kalkbrenner and The Principals for your trust in us along the way.

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