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Centrepiece for Fashionweek’s Panorama NOVA

PANORAMA fashion fair is known for setting new standards within the industry, inspiring visitors with innovative and convincing formats and design. Panorama approached flora&faunavisions with the challenge of creating an eye-catching installation and multi-use lounge area in the centre of the showcase hall, ‘NOVA Concept’. The installation and lounge area were placed centrally amidst an impressive variety of colourful products and booths, offering people a pleasant place to rest and mingle.

We took up the invitation and designed a massive string installation hovering over the centre of the hall and stretching over a length of 50 m towards the hall's corners to draw people towards the central lounge area. The stings culminated in a logo installation positioned on top of a mixed use central stepped platform functioning as social hub area and lending itself to be used for lectures, blogger events, professional meetings and ultimately, fashion shows.


It's amazing what you can create out of a simple piece of string! This three-dimensional centrepiece was created only by folding and draping coloured string - we used about 10,000m of it!


Photos: flora&faunavisions

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