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Paul Kalkbrenner – Back to the Future World Tour & Identity

Together with internationally renowned electronic music artist, Paul Kalkbrenner, flora&faunavisions created, developed and produced the complete visual show identity for his ‘Back to the Future’ tour.
For the tour we visualised Paul’s idea of his DJ set – a time travel back into the early 90s – we combined flashbacks into the past, like RGB bit graphics, monochromatic lighting and projected environments, with contemporary and innovative event technology.

For centre stage, we installed "The Tunnel", a custom-designed light installation that can be fed with both simple lighting spots or RGB bit graphics on a 25 x 25 pixel grid. Combining movements and different patterns, "The Tunnel" is an installation underlining the variety and mutability of the night’s music playlist.

In addition, we produced a huge RGB banner installation that displayed both original and vicarious graphic elements that change their appearances in different light settings. Its modular constructive idea makes it suitable for every location which was one of the main challenges within the concept - to create a tourable, innovative, fascinating setup.

As well as developing the new logo design, print materials and all the merchandising, we also created a tourable exhibition which uses slide and video installations featuring original photos by photographers Ben de Biel and Tilman Brems (Zeitmaschine) and a video edit by Varnish RGB to set the venues in a 90’s mood, transporting people „back to the future“ with a believable impression of how it felt to be part of the birth hour of Techno.


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