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4 Years of ECHO Award Show

For four consecutive years, flora&faunavisions has been responsible for setting the stage with show visuals for the German music industry’s celebrated Echo awards. flora&faunavisions created the visuals accompanying the performing stars, creating a sense of magic that caused a stir in the media landscape. Content was devised and produced for the huge stage’s complex structure of light-dotted, large-scale amorphous LED screens and two complementary HD projection surfaces.

With a wealth of styles, genres and talents on display at each Echo event, it proved no easy task to create a wide range of visuals tailored to each individual act. The nights’ added challenge: to come up with content that would work in both the large, circus-like venue when viewed from afar, and as close-up eye candy for those glued to their TV screens.

The star-spangled roster of video content included dynamic backdrops for Katy Perry, Udo Lindenberg & Jan Delay, BAP feat. Clueso, Tribute to Amy Winehouse, Kraftklub feat. Casper, Christina Perri & Jason Mraz, Medley, Olly Murs, Taio Cruz and Sean Paul to mention a few.

The result: an impressive tour de force of multimedia entertainment… and one we are very proud of!


The final decision of which 20 tracks will be performed at the Echo only finalised about 4 weeks before the show. Our entire team works full time on all screens for the whole four weeks. The workflow is entirely agile and our render farm is rendering full time, too to get the visuals for the 20 tracks out.

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